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Monday, 11 February 2013

Guest Post - How to educate your kids with technology

These days it’s easy to feel as if technology and kids only come together when playing video games. However, techno games, apps and devices can be valuable educational resources too.

Here’s a look at some of the best ways to master technology and be a friend rather than a foe for your little ones’ learning.

Incorporating technology at every age

From learning their ABCs through to preparing for their final exams, there is technology available for every stage of a child’s education.

For toddlers, literacy and numeracy are great skills to learn on a fun learning system like the VTech MobiGo. Highly interactive apps for a tablet or smartphone are also worthwhile but always opt for ones which feature animations, narration and fun characters.

Technology can also help teenagers through the stress of exams. Apps like Evernote, Flashcard and Exam Countdown are just a few of the options available to get kids exam-ready. 

Broaden their interests

As your children get older, try to use technology to open their mind to new interests and activities. The Celestron Skyscout is a great gadget that educates kids about the universe; covering topics like the planets, stars and solar system.

Technology can also be helpful for educating children about health and exercise. There are excellent apps available for learning about everything from personal training to nutritious eating. Considering exercise is linked to academic performance, this is certainly worthwhile.

Back to school gadgets

The end of school holidays and the return to school often fills kids with dread. Make the return to the classroom an inspiring event with the latest learning gadgets – from USB memory sticks to mini scanners.

With more and more files being stored electronically today, keeping your kid’s documents safe on a USB stick is vital. You can even find ones which can be easily attached to the zip on their bag to reduce the risk of it becoming lost or damaged. For older children who are using the library for essays, a portable mini-scanner is great for saving money on photocopying.

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