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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Swapping Foreign Flights for Beloved Britain!

As a child, the concept of travelling abroad in our Summer holidays was completely alien to me and my younger brother. The inside of an Airport Departure Lounge was something we would only see on the television and stories of faraway locations were told by school friends and often envied by us! However, I have to say that I don't remember a single School Summer Break that passed without a family holiday. The difference was, our holidays all took place in the UK. Escapes to Exmouth, drives to Dersingham and breaks on The Broads, all destinations that hold some of the best childhood memories that I have!

Therefore I am a huge believer in the idea that you do not need to travel thousands of miles across the globe to experience a remarkably lasting holiday. The British Holiday season is rapidly approaching, and many families are scouring the internet and getaway brochures in the search for the perfect family vacation resort. 

The tranquility of Scotland

Years ago, the mere thought of spending a fortnight in a small caravan with young children would be enough to force many parents to choose to stay home for the holidays. However, in recent years, we have seen the sizes and standards of caravans improve greatly, allowing them to comfortably accommodate families of all tastes and requirements. And what better way could there be to explore and enjoy the open road and the breathtaking scenery of the United Kingdom than taking advantage of the freedom of travelling at your chosen pace, to your chosen location in one of a huge variety of touring caravans that are widely available. Not to mention the beautifully scenic Caravan Sites that can be found around the country.

Family fun in Pembrokeshire

With family friendly facilities, packages to suit most and the flexibility to take your little 'holiday haven' around with you, I can understand why so many people are starting to substitute hotel resorts for caravan sites. You have the choice of a quiet relaxing break with peaceful scenery and tranquil surroundings or, if you would prefer, an action packed getaway with a variety of activities available in and around the extensive site choices throughout the country. And with 12,600 signed cycle routes around the UK, many of which are situated very close to these caravan parks, I know this is the kind of holiday I would have loved as a child. 

Caravan design has developed greatly over time!

For years, I have wanted to own a caravan or campervan of my own. The thought of being able to take off to a choice of locations around the country has always appealed to me greatly. And looking at how the design of the vans have developed over the years makes me realise exactly why! And now, being a mum with children of my own, I know how much I would love to experience this kind of holiday with my little growing family! 

Yes, foreign climates are still appealing and the apparent ease and convenience of booking into a hotel, with meals and excursions arranged can seem quite welcoming. However, the thought of enjoying an equally satisfying holiday without the stress of delayed flights, lost luggage and jet lag would encourage me to seriously consider owning and escaping in a touring caravan as an alternative! 

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