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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Video Review - Getting Festive with Scotch!

Getting Creative in The Munchkin Patch

Recently, we were set an exciting challenge by Scotch® which would be sure to get us and our readers into the spirit of Christmas. We were sent a selection of lovely Scotch products along with a choice of challenges to pick from. Munchkin and I decided that we would choose to make a simple, fun and effective way to 'wrap' gift vouchers. 

The products we have chosen to use in our video are the Scotch Magic Tape, the Scotch Double Sided Tape and the Scotch Precision Scissors. I wanted to make something that would be simple enough for Munchkin to join in with, although as you will see from the video, she is more interested in having a little chat than actually helping!

We decided to make a simple little creation to hold Gift Cards, seeing as these are more commonly used these days than the paper vouchers. However, you will see from our video, that the design can be easily adapted to any size in order to suit the size of the voucher. Take a look and see what you think ...?

This was our very first video review, so please go easy on me! As you can see, our Scotch products made this challenge simple and mess free. The Double Sided Tape was a perfect substitute to the glue I would have normally used for a project like this, but there was no mess or drying time to consider, which is especially handy when you have an excited 3 year old who wants to wave her creation around immediately after finishing it so she can proudly show it off to anyone who'll listen! And the Magic Tape, although (obviously) not seamless in a project like this, was again mess free, and the results were much more robust, meaning your Gift Card should stay put without the worry of the glue failing!

We had great fun making our Gift Card Holders, and our Scotch products made the whole experience easier and more hassle-free!

Find out more about Scotch's products on their website, and keep up to date with all their latest news by following them on Facebook.

Disclaimer: We were sent the products for the purpose of this review and will be compensated for our time. ALL thoughts and opinions are 100% our own!

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