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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Postcards from Santa

Munchkin is very excited about Christmas, and this year we have really been able to get into the spirit of it and involve her in all of the preparations! There have been lists for Santa ... (very lengthy lists, which still seem to be growing!) there has been the excitement of decorating the Christmas tree and we have been making salt dough Santas and trees. She really can't wait for the big day to arrive!

We have decided to add to the magic even more by entering the Postcards from Santa competition with www.travelsupermarket.com. When I told Munchkin we had some drawing to do, she didn't hesitate to get her felt pens out! Then we started talking about what we would draw. This was the objective behind our challenge ...

"We all know that Santa Claus works very hard over the festive period. But what does he do when all the presents have been delivered and Rudolph and his pals are safely back at home? Well he goes on holiday of course!"

Munchkin's experiences of going on holiday are very limited. The only holiday she has ever been on was when she was 7 months old, when we joined my mum and dad on a boat holiday on the Norfolk Broads. Although she doesn't remember the holiday, we talk to her about it lots and show her photos that were taken at the time. She decided that on her postcard, Santa was going to be on a boat! This is what she came up with. She talked to me all the way through her drawing and had very little guidance. The marks on the paper are all her own ideas and the drawing itself is 99% her own. She just needed help with the writing, but then she is only 3 years old ...

Santa on his boat on the water. The 'arch' shape over his head is his hat, the yellow under his chin is his beard (obviously!?!) and the brown shape next to him is his Toy Sack. The yellow shapes in the background are (worryingly large) snowflakes, because she said it always snows where Santa is!

In her drawing, Santa is on a boat, and you can see his Toy Sack on his right because apparently he has to take that with him wherever he goes. I asked her where Santa was going to on his boat, and she answered (I quote):

"Santa is going to lots of places to get the parts he needs to make all the presents for Christmas like the pedals for my new bike and things like that".

When I pointed out that this didn't sound like a very relaxing holiday, she replied:

"He is on a holiday, mummy. Look, he's on a boat!"

There was nothing more to say! 

Munchkin had a lot of fun creating her Postcard from Santa and she is very excited about it being made into a Christmas card! This will definitely be something she'll keep forever! Here are some photos showing Munchkin hard at work, giving me a running commentary all the way through!

I'm inviting 5 lovely bloggers to join in the family festive fun and to get creating their own Postcard from Santa. Why don't you give it a go too ...?

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  1. Thanks for joining in, looks like Munchkin enjoyed herself! :)