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Friday, 14 December 2012

Bambino Direct - Pampering babies and pleasing parents since 2010!

Buying for your babies never stops. The search for new prams, cots, tiny clothes, feeding essentials all sorts of other 'must have' items usually starts during the first trimester of pregnancy. When we found out we were expecting Munchkin late in 2008, I promised myself we would hold off buying for her until after our 12 week scan. Not wanting to tempt fate and all that. But it's impossible! Impossible I tell you! Everywhere I went, baby bits would literally jump off the shop shelves and fall into my basket! It was so so hard to resist! And that was aside from the fact that every time I saw my mum, there would be a gorgeous new tiny outfit handed to me. Seems as though I wasn't the only one who couldn't resist! Buying for a new arrival is so exciting!

However, purchasing all the items needed for this little person who has not yet arrived can also be a very stressful time. Every parent wants to make sure that they have everything they need (and usually more!) and all too often, just when you think you are fully stocked with everything you need for the first 6 months of your baby's life, someone will come along and say, 

"Oooh, have you got one of these for baby ...? We used one and couldn't get by without it now ...!"

Cue that last minute panic buy, and the feeling of dread, anxiety and self doubt when you realise maybe you're not as ready as you think! 

"Oh my goodness ... I'm going to be a terrible mother! I don't know what I'm doing! Must ... buy ... more ... stuff ...!"

Worry not! Enjoy the time and rest assured, if you have the essentials to aid baby's feeding, sleeping, travel and general comfort, you will be just fine. If you read every single guide listing all you need for a new baby, you will end up as we did when Munchkin arrived - far too much to store, and with too many things that never got used! Just remember, the buying never stops, so don't blow every penny you have before your little bundle is even born!

One of the biggest, and most expensive accessories that a parent will find themselves buying is baby's mode of transport! How hard could it be ...? Take a look at the models available and choose one ...? Well ...

There're prams, pushchairs, travel systems, forward facing, parent facing, two-in-ones, three-in-ones, double side-by-sides, double tandems, all terrain ... and that's just to start! Then you start to look at the suitability of the smaller details. Size of shopping basket, folded dimensions, one handed folding, height of handle bar, reclining or not, car seat compatibility, carrycot or no carrycot, weight, will it fit into the boot of the car ...? With shopping ...? 3 wheels or 4 ... the list goes on! And did I mention that this confusion is just for baby's ride? Shall we move onto where baby will sleep and the mattress decision?! No, ok!

All I can say is thank goodness for companies like Bambino Direct who aim to make the whole experience less stressful and more enjoyable! From prams to playpens, baby monitors to bottles, Bambino Direct are sure to have everything you will need at the click of a button! When we were expecting Beastie Boo, we knew we were having another little girl, which meant we already had enough clothes and toys to see her through for quite some time. My personal weakness, however, is prams and pushchairs! I love looking at new models and just have to try them all out - even if I'm not in the financial position to buy! Yep, I'll be the crazy mummy in the middle of the pram shop, disturbing their immaculate displays so that I can 'have a go' with every model that catches my eye! Well, I can still do that, and then come back to the prams at Bambino Direct, purchase the one that I like and have it delivered straight to my door!

Writing this post has put me in a very dangerous position! "Keep the woman away from all things pram related" says Mr Munchkin! But honey ... it's for blog purposes ... HONEST! And besides, when you take a look at all the lovely prams and other baby accessories available, it's no wonder I'm hooked!! For now, I'll leave you all with a little favourite of mine, which is available from Bambino Direct. I didn't buy one ... REALLY I didn't!!!

BabyStyle Oyster Vogue
Colour Pack in Humbug

Isn't she lovely ...?!

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