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Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Price of Power!

The Rising costs of Power!

We all know how bills can be harsh on the pocket. Since being a mum, I have noticed how costly bills can be more than ever before. One of the most expensive bills to hit the mat has always been our quarterly energy bill! No matter how much I try to economise when it comes to the gas and electricity, it always baffles me where all those figures come from on the statement!

Years ago, when I was a child, I can remember being followed around the house by my mum, shouting, "Switch the light off when you leave the room!" and, "Tell me why this house is like Blackpool Illuminations ...?" Sound familiar? Many of you have probably heard yourselves saying exactly the same thing to your family on occasions! I never appreciated why switching off the lights and not leaving the television on when I leave the room were so important! 

Now, however, I totally get it! I grew up in the days before Energy Saving Bulbs, before double glazing was the norm and prior to extensive, state-of-the-art loft insulation. Energy was not cheap, and was so easily wasted.

Nowadays, we have all of these above options to help keep our power bills lower. However, we also have a wider range of 'energy consuming appliances' in our households. Not only do we need to consider lights and heating, but also home computers, games consoles, home entertainment systems, larger televisions and generally more and more items around the house that use energy.
Being a 'Stay at Home Mum' with a toddler, I often worry about the fact that it is a rare occasion when we don't have either the television, CD player or computer switched on during the day. And sometimes, the TV is on and not even being watched. It is just 'background noise'! It is such an easy trap to fall in to. Another struggle we have is with living on the end of a Terrace. As a result of this, it seems to cost us a fortune to heat the house as it all appears to escape through the 'cold' walls of the house. Unfortunately, this has been an unavoidable expense, especially during the Winter months. Our heating seemed to be on constantly!

With the global financial situation being as it is right now, we have found that the best way to save money on your energy bills is to shop around and find yourself the best deal. By taking certain steps such as comparing electricity prices offered by various providers, the quarterly bill doesn't need to be such an unwelcome visitor! I have recently discovered myself that Energyhelpline.com is a good place to start your search! Easy to use and highly informative, I was spoilt for choice!

Ok, so I will still find myself chasing the hubby around the house reminding him to switch off the lights, and may be more conscious of when Munchkin isn't actually watching the television that is chatting away to itself. But at least by shopping around, I can be sure that I am not paying more than is necessary. I'm just waiting for that thing they call 'Summer' to show itself, as the heating can take a well earned rest and our 'TV afternoons' can be replaced with days out in the sunshine!

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