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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Meat at Christmas ...?

... Dad will carve!
Christmas is all about family for me, and it always has been. We never went on holiday for Christmas, nor did we arrange to eat Christmas Dinner at a restaurant. Christmas morning was always buzzing with the sound of baking trays sliding in and out of the oven, blenders whirring and other busy sounds coming from the kitchen. There were always many obscenities a few tense moments, but they were all working towards something rather special! Our traditional Christmas dinner!

Nowadays, things have changed. I am not that 10 year old sitting impatiently for dinner to be served, as dinner was one step closer to the long awaited present opening!! I am a mummy myself now, however, I still look forward to Christmas dinner at my parents' house. 

Preparing the Family Feast is a task accepted by dad. Dad prepares, cooks, carves and serves the dinner every Christmas Day (with a few instructions thrown mum's way throughout the process) But essentially, this is dad's mountain to conquer every year! He does it, and he does it well! 

We always have a selection of Seasonal meat for Christmas dinner. From plump turkey, to perfectly cooked pork, gammon and even a cheeky duck has found its way onto our dinner table before! Whatever the choice, it is always impatiently awaited yet well worth the wait!

This year, I am uncertain as to our Christmas Day and dinner plans, but as long as it involves scoffing some of dad's amazing cooking along the way, then Christmas will be good! If we miss out on Christmas dinner this year dad, I'm putting my order in for a truck load of your Boxing Day bubble & squeak now!!

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