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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The things we take for granted ...!

The Little things mum used to take care of!

As a child, I my dirty clothes would go into the laundry basket one day and, as if by magic, they would reappear,clean and ironed and folded neatly in my drawer. That's just how it happened. No matter what day it was, no matter what the weather was like and no matter how busy things were at home. I'm not sure how I thought they transformed from creased garments sporting stubborn grass stains from falling out of every tree in the local woods into spotless, perfectly pressed items hanging in my wardrobe, but I grew up knowing it was 'just the way'! It came close to the mysteries of food showing up in the cupboards, and dinner magically appearing on the table every evening.

Naturally, growing up and becoming a mum has taught me that there were no such things as the 'Housework Fairies' and that these miracles were in fact performed by my own dear mum, with a little help from the trusty household domestic appliances!

A few weeks ago, I walked into the kitchen to empty the washing machine. It was a sunny day, so I was taking full advantage of the washing line. Well, who doesn't like line dried laundry?! However, instead of being met with the sweet scent of fabric conditioner, I was greeted with a huge puddle and a kitchen covered in a soapy mess. After a little mild cursing (at 'mild', read 'strong'), several rolls of heavy duty kitchen towel, and hours of finding water seeping out of cracks I never knew existed, the chaos was eventually controlled enough to start thinking about the next step. Then it dawned on me ...

The house we live in right now is rented, and our White Goods were included in the original let. Our own appliances therefore went into storage (ready for when we do move out) and we have always used the equipment provided by our Landlord. Easy - repairs and replacements of these items are the responsibility of the Letting Agents and the Landlord. One phone call (well, not counting the couple of 'reminder' calls!) and we had an engineer knocking on our door, tools at the ready, announcing he was here about the faulty washing machine. 

Well, that was simple and pretty 'headache free'. However, it did get me thinking. We have lived in a number of rented properties for the last few years and have never (surprisingly) been faced with the problem of one of our own appliances breaking down or blowing up. As a result, I don't think I would know where to start in my search for a solution if the situation did arise. Actually, I think there are two steps I would probably take ... First, I would call mum in a frenzied panic, ranting as though my whole world was crumbling down ... Second, I would most likely commence my hunt for a reasonably priced, within budget replacement. 

That was until I was told about a metaphorical 'Knight in Shining Armour' in the form of www.repairandprotect.co.uk.

"The name you can trust for a quality appliance repair!"

Domestic and General Repair and Protect lets you book fixed price, professional home appliance repairs at the click of a button!

This company offers some fantastic services. They will not only arrange to send and engineer to your property, but they will allocate the job to a specialist mechanic for the manufacturer of your faulty product, ensuring a thorough repair and increasing the chances of them having the parts you need on board their vehicle at the time of their initial visit. They also have a "No Fix No Fee" policy, which means no extortionate charges added before the workman has even walked through your door, and the facility to get an Instant Quote online! They also boast to have 2900+ Engineers Nationwide, 60 Years' Experience and 2.7 million Repairs in the last year alone. The fact that they are backed by some of the largest and most highly trusted manufacturers around would fill me with confidence, should I be faced with the situation of a broken appliance. I have spent a great deal of time, since being told about the company, browsing their site and exploring the services they offer and am really genuinely impressed. I don't know why this sort of thing has suddenly started to worry me and play on my mind. Maybe it's a part of my 'nesting' period, sub-consciously preparing myself for the arrival of another little mouth relying on the oven, another little body depending on a fully functioning washing machine. I do not know for sure, but it did make me think about where I would turn if I found myself in such a position of needing washing machine repairs, or help with other domestic appliances myself. As let's face it - I can't always turn to mum ... even if she is the original Housework Fairy!!


  1. This is one of the main reasons I've always prefered rented properties; if something breaks I can just pick up the phone and,, let somebody else worry about replacing or repairing and, above all, paying for it.:)
    Following now; feel free to return the favour and, follow back.

    1. Thanks for your comment. As much as part of me hates the insecurity of renting, it definitely has its advantages! I made sure I passed on the details of this company to our Landlord :)

    2. And am now following you too x