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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Our Review of The Gummee Glove

The Gummee Glove
Simple ... Practical ... Utterly Genius!

On 30th June, 2012, The Munchkin Patch welcomed a new arrival. We named our baby girl Rosie Elizabeth, although since her birth she has adopted a nickname that seems to have stuck with her! She was born with all the symptoms of a teething baby. The dribbling, the crying, chewing on the fists, and a symptom we never experienced with Munchkin, the growling! Yep, she growls as she chews on her hands! This lead to us affectionately calling her 'The Beast', and her big sister extending said affection to 'Rosie Posie Beastie Boo'. This name will stick with her now, and one day we will be able to explain to her that this pet name originates from her teething struggles! 

I had recently heard about The Gummee Glove after seeing them earlier in the year at The Baby Show in Birmingham. Immediately, I was amazed at what a simple yet obviously effective product it was! 

The Gummee Glove's concept, design and finished product are the result of the hard work of one lovely lady. As a mum of one, Jodine Boothby experienced the common teething troubles with her little boy.

"As a new mummy, I was struggling to find solutions to help my baby boy and after umpteen drops of teething toys on the floor on this particular day, I was changing my sons nappy in the nursery while musing over possible solutions in my head. My son was wearing anti-scratch  mitts & was about 9 weeks old. I looked up & he was sucking & chewing one of his mittens. That was my eureka moment."

And so The Gummee Glove was born! 

The Gummee Glove is a teething aid designed to help babies who are experiencing the pain and discomfort of shifting, growing and cutting teeth, but who are not able to securely hold onto a teething ring themselves. 

The lightweight Gummee Glove slips onto your baby's little hand and secures around his/her wrist with the use of a good quality velcro patch, allowing baby to chew away at the fist with much more effective results!

Now, at whichever angle Beastie decides to shove her little fist into her mouth, she gets a mouthful of pain relief without the drugs!! With 3 soft, ribbed, plastic 'tabs' which are the perfect size for baby's mouth, we noticed a drastic reduction in her frustration as soon as she started to use it. First, there was the intrigue, as she spent some time studying it and staring at its bright colours. Then the real experimenting began ...

On the top of the glove, as can be seen in the photos, there is a familiar accessory which is probably recognised by most parents - the trusty 'water filled teether'. This is attached to the glove with a popper button, and is easily removed so that the ring can be put in the fridge to deliver maximum comfort on those extra restless days, and is also easy to sterilise. The fact that the ring is detachable means that the glove is machine washable - another winning feature for any parent! The Gummee Glove is supplied complete with its own little drawstring bag. Pop the glove into the bag and it can be added to your regular wash! The bag also doubles up as a handy travel bag, so your Gummee Glove can be carried around inside your changing bag without the worry of it getting dirty. What's not to love?!

Another thing I have noticed since using The Gummee Glove is how much it improves the dribble situation. Yes, she still dribbles, just as much as she always did, but the fabric of the glove seems to help to absorb it before it soaks her clothes. The glove is fully lined, preventing any dampness from soaking through. Before we started using The Gummee Glove, Beastie's hands would be permanently clammy from being forever stuffed in her mouth. She would chew on her hands so hard, her knuckles would turn red! Our Gummee Glove has stopped this from happening - no more yucky, cold, clammy hands!

Apparently, Beastie finds genuine comfort in her Gummee Glove ...

When she gets tired and wants to sleep, Beastie will bring her hands up to cover her face. We usually make sure that her Bunny Blankie is positioned on her hands so that she can bring that up to her eyes, as this helps her to settle. However, it would appear that The Gummee Glove doubles up as a suitable 'sleep comforter' too!

We will, without dispute, rate The Gummee Glove as follows:

In fact, we would give top marks in any category, as the Gummee Glove truly is an innovative product with such a simple idea. Beastie has worn it whilst attending local Mother & Baby sessions, and every time she does, we hear nothing but positive praise and other mums saying they need to get one! We also hear the same question over and over again ... 

"Why has no one thought of this before ...?!"

Well, now they have, and The Gummee Glove is available to buy from the WEBSITE for just £9.99 plus p&p. Also, be sure to follow them on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER to keep up to date with updates and exciting news! I know they have a brand new product in the sample stages right now too! Pop over, say hi and take a look for yourself!

Yes, she is still a Beast, and yes, she still 'growls' ...

... But she's our Beast, and there's now a much more 'content' tone to the growling!!

Disclaimer: I bought this product at a discounted price. I did not receive a free product or payment in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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