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Sunday, 26 August 2012

MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottle Review

For various reasons, I was forced to stop breast feeding recently, considerably earlier than I had originally intended. We were prepared for this, however, and had already researched and discussed which bottles would be the right ones for us to use. We wanted to be ready for Colic, a difficult transition from breast to bottle, and all of the 'worst case scenarios' that hadn't really crossed our minds the first time round with Munchkin. Also, already having a lively, time demanding pre-schooler at home meant that ease and convenience were a major factor that needed our consideration too. 

The MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottles seemed to tick all of the boxes, so these were what we chose. 

First of all, let me state the obvious. They look lovely! Available in 4 attractive colours (pink, blue, green and mauve) there is a colour to suit everyone, and the decoration on the measuring guide makes them look so pretty! I'm also pleased to say that this decoration does not affect the visibility of the measure guide at all.

You also have a choice of three sizes with these bottles as they are offered in 130ml, 160ml and 260ml. We were sent the 160ml to try out in the lovely green design. 

The main attraction with these bottles has to be their 'Self Sterilising' function. This feature is ideal for busy, on-the-go parents, as it allows you to easily sterilise as few or as many bottles as you want or need at any one time. All you need is a microwave. The bottle disassembles into 6 parts altogether. The base chamber, the chamber seal, the bottle body, the teat, the screw lid and the bottle cap. 

To sterilise the bottles, you just need to place the seal inside the base chamber and add 20ml of cold water (which can be measured out using the marks on the bottle cap) Place the assembled teat and screw lid on top of the seal and sit the bottle body on top of the base (without attaching it to the base) and rest the bottle cap on top of the bottle body. The whole bottle then goes into the microwave on full power for 3 minutes (with an extra minute for each additional bottle being sterilised) This system is so useful, as having a demanding pre-schooler tearing about the place makes it easy to get side tracked and I have found myself in a panicked state on more than one occasion when I am faced with the scenario of a restless, hungry baby and no sterilised bottles! 

These MAM bottles also have an Anti-Colic feature. They pride themselves on their record of 80% less Colic due to the ventilation holes in the base which ensures a smooth milk flow whilst preventing baby from swallowing air during their feed. 

With our Munchkin, we used a different brand of baby bottles which also claimed to have an 'Anti-Colic' feature. Unfortunately, she did develop colic early on. This time, however, we have had no colic yet, and Mini Munchkin is now 8 weeks old. 

These bottles are accompanied by MAM's fantastic Silk Teats. 

"The MAM Silk Teat® boasts all of the advantages of standard silicone and is alsoextra-soft: the silicone with that certain extra edge! Ensuring that babies can enjoy all the benefits of the material to the full."

This was another deciding factor for us. MAM boast that "Babies love the smart Silk Teat® because it feels soft and familiar – like Mummy's skin. This makes the switch between breastfeeding and bottle particularly easy." As she had started her life breastfeeding, it was important to us that she had a smooth, stress-free transition to bottle. This was definitely the case. There was no fuss whatsoever, and she fed beautifully that first time!

Since using the MAM Self Sterilising bottles, we have encountered just one negative concern. We found that they regularly leaked. After removing the sterilised bottle from the microwave and pouring the left over water from the bottle base, we then assembled the bottle according to the instructions. However, we found that the water would leak (a lot) from the bottom of the bottle and we would have lost about 10ml of water before we even added the formula. We discovered that this was due to the seal loosening itself within the base between sterilising and assembling. We weren't sure how to solve this, as touching the seal with our fingertips to secure it back in place would have completely defeated the object of the sterilising process. Since then, we have found a way to reduce the problem. When we have poured the excess water from the base, we use the screw cap and teat part to gently press down on the seal to ensure it is properly in place. Now we do not have so many leakages!

In spite of the occasional leakage, these are fantastic bottles, and baby loves them, so we are now using the MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising bottles full time, and have purchased the pretty set of x3 260ml bottles consisting of two pink and one mauve design. All in all, we are very happy with our decision to use MAM.

More information about the MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottles including prices, ordering information and retailers can be found on the MAM website. Support and advice can also be found through their Facebook Page and by following MAM on Twitter.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Wenlock brings the Olympic magic to The Munchkin Patch!

2012, the year our own London Town hosted the Olympic Games. A proud time for us all. This was Munchkin's first Olympic Games, and being nearly 3 years old, she understood the basics of what was going on. She enjoyed sitting down with me at any point each day, announcing that she "needs to watch the Gymnastics and the Swimming"! These were her favourite events in the Games. Munchkin was lucky enough to have a special companion to watch the different events with her. A little friend who will always be a reminder of the fact that these were her first Olympics, and a extra special souvenir for the fact that her baby sister was born just before the Games began!

Wenlock, the official mascot of the London 2012 Olympic Games, had come to stay!

Sadly, being so young, Munchkin could not stay up to watch the Opening Ceremony, but one day we will show it to her. And no doubt Wenlock will join her then too! This unique character's name is inspired by Much Wenlock, a small town in Shropshire that is at the heart of Olympic history? In the 19th century, Baron Pierre de Coubertin was invited there to watch the Much Wenlock Games, which were inspired by the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. He can often be found hanging out with his friend, Mandeville, who is the official mascot for the Paralympic Games, which are all set to start on Wednesday, 29th August 2012.

Our Wenlock is 20cm tall and made from really soft materials. He is also wearing 5 coloured plastic rings on his arms, representing the famous Olympic Rings. Both Wenlock and Mandeville are suitable from 10 months old onwards, so sport fans young and old can enjoy his company! Wenlock is a wonderfully made, cuddly soft toy, as well as a great reminder of the year the Olympic Games came to London!

With keyrings, pens, plush toys of various sizes and a number of other great products, everyone can keep a little bit of the London Games alive even once they're all over!

Seeing Wenlock bounding around the grounds on the TV made Munchkin very excited. It is a shame she didn't manage to experience the Olympics for real, as we would have loved to take her along to watch an event and experience the infectious atmosphere, but sadly Mini Munchkin had other plans for us. At least she now has Wenlock, her own little piece of the action! And with the power of technology these days, well, who says she wasn't really there ...?!

Wenlock and Mandeville, along with all of their London 2012 Olympic accessories are now being offered at fantastic reduced prices over at Golden Bear Toys, so it's not too late to secure your little reminder of the Games too!