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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Going Green with Green Pomelo!

"Our aim is to promote and provide great value, great quality, green and ethical modern cloth nappies"

With the arrival of Mini Munchkin expected any day soon, we have recently been talking about the possibility of using cloth nappies as opposed to the disposables we used with Munchkin. When mentioning this concept to friends and family over the last few weeks, I have received a mixed bag of opinions about the whole thing. Some have said, 

"I love using cloth nappies - always have and always will!" 

whilst others have had very different attitudes - 

"Cloth?! Yuck! Why would you want to do that ...?"

Well, I realised I needed to make up my own mind, and decided that I would like to give them a try. I started to read up on the different types, and before long, my mind was boggling! So many different fabrics, fastenings and features, I just didn't know where to start! Whilst I was searching for information amongst the many websites and blogs offering tips and reviews, I stumbled upon a wonderful company. Green Pomelo is a small family run business based in London, UK which was founded by a passionate mum, Su, who was a lover of cloth nappies and was using them on her baby son. I approached Su for some advice on the various nappies that they had to offer on their website as I was questioning the difference in benefits between the velcro and snap fastenings. After some chatting with the lovely Su and looking through the website, I saw that both had great advantages, and I selected one of each from their range.

I chose two very different designs. One being their Baby Pink Minky Nappy with snap fastenings, and the other being their Blue Colourful Bubbles with velcro fastening. Both nappies are of exceptional quality. We have the pink with Breathable Waterproof PUL Luxury Minky fabric outer layer and the blue bubbles with Breathable Waterproof PUL outer layer, so both have differing exterior fabrics, but the wonderful key features of the products are present in every design of Green Pomelo Nappies.

  • The One Size design means they can be worn from Birth to Potty (8lb to 20lb+) with the easy adjustment of the snaps on the front panel.
  • The generous pocket opening makes removal and replacement of the inserts simple.
  • The breathable waterproof PUL outer layer makes them kind to baby's skin and comfortable to wear.
  • Leaks are prevented through the gentle and durable elastic legging.
  • The inner layer consists of Hydro-Allergenic Microfibre making it soft on the most sensitive skin and preventing irritation.
Green Pomelo are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase on any manufacturing defects. This  covers product stitching, seams, elastics and any of the product's components including snaps, velcro and fabric.

I really can't wait to start using our Green Pomelo Nappies when Mini Munchkin arrives and we will be sharing our opinions and thoughts (and, of course, photos!) on our use of the product here on the blog.

At this point, all we can offer is our initial impressions of Green Pomelo's Real Cloth Nappies, but I have to say that those initial impressions are all positive. The fabrics used are exceptionally soft to the touch, including the removable insert soakers (of which 2 are included with each nappy) The snap and velcro fastenings are of very high quality and are all attached securely. The elasticated areas that create a seal around the top of the legs seem really well stitched and I can see that they will work well when fighting against leaks. In addition to all of this, Green Pomelo are a truly lovely company to deal with. Happy to offer advice and with a genuine appreciation shown to their customers, I can see me purchasing many more of their products from them in the near future once Mini Munchkin makes an entrance into the Munchkin Patch!

Watch this space for a full review coming up soon!

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