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Saturday, 5 November 2011

WIN 1 of 3 letters with love from Peppa, Pooh and Disney Princesses from Hart & Design!

The brains and the creative fingers behind Hart and Design is Neil Hart, who has been digitally designing for many years, but on a small scale. It all started a number of years ago when he became interested and involved in a design forum where he spent time designing forum sigs and graphics for people he met along the way. Eventually, his work was recognised by people who wanted graphics designed for their websites and forums. After spending a number of years as an active member of the much loved DeviantArt.com, and receiving a continuous stream of encouragement and appreciation for his talent, he recognised that his love for art ran deeper than he had thought. This is when he started to explore his love for photography. He was greatly inspired and encouraged by long standing professional photographer, Barrie Tumbridge, who helped him to realise his potential and to develop it as far as he could. With trips to various parts of the country ...

Macro (Close up) Photography is definitely a speciality, as this blade of grass and dew drop demonstrates!

... and the birth of his beautiful daughter ...

The patter of tiny feet must be inspiring to any photographer!

... Neil gradually found himself with more and more opportunities to demonstrate his creative gift, as well as enhancing his results by combining his love for both photography and digital design to create some wonderfully unique pieces of art! And, in 2009, his work was even more widely recognised as he came Runner-Up in (Macro) Digital Photographer of the Year with this beautiful, eye-catching piece ...

A single dandelion seed holding a tiny water droplet!

More recently, and since his daughter has reached the age of 2, Neil has turned his attention to more child focused work. Never leaving his camera in its case for too long, he has started to work in a way to appeal to a younger audience, creating items that he would make for his own daughter and the children in his family, and that he believes would be popular items amongst many children of many ages. 

Customizable, fully personalised letters to AND from Santa

One of the wonderful things about the work he does is that everything he makes is fully customizable! You can choose every aspect of your item, whether it is a greeting card, party invitations, or his most recent designs - the personalised letters to your child from their favourite character(s).

Personalised Character Letters to your child

Here at The Hart of the Munchkin Patch, we think these are a really lovely idea, as the design possibilities are endless! They can be used as a good behaviour reminder, encouragement if your child is toilet training, struggling with the transition from cot to bed, settling into a new playgroup or school, or as a confidence builder for ANY other reason. They would also make a great treat for a child that deserves praise for good behaviour or as a special reward for personal achievements. Your child could also receive a unique, personalised letter from their favourite character(s) to wish them Happy Birthday when their special day arrives! And the character options are not limited to Peppa and George. How about Disney Princesses, Disney Cars, Barbie or Ben 10

I love the work that Neil does at Hart & Design, and I hope that you do too. Although he has started to concentrate more on his digital talents, we know that his love for photography has not, and will never die. With a daughter as photogenic as his, how could he ever abandon the camera ...?

For those of you that don't know me personally, and for those that haven't made the connection yet, Mr Hart & Design (Neil Hart) is more commonly known in this household as 'Daddy'! Yes, he is my partner and daddy of our darling Munchkin! We are very proud of the work he is doing and that he has started to make his creations more widely available to allow more than just friends and family to benefit from his wonderful talent! And, of course, it goes without saying that his photography inspiration, and the man who led him down the path he always believed he wouldn't be good enough to travel, is my wonderful dad, and the other most important man in Munchkin's life!

To celebrate Neil's new Facebook Page, and the fact that it has received interest and orders in the short space of time that it has been running, he has decided that he would like to give something back to the people that have been supporting him so much!


Hart & Design would like to offer a competition to the readers of The Hart of the Munchkin Patch! THREE lucky readers will win a personalised character letter of their choice for their child(ren) You can choose the character, the message, and have it looking exactly the way you wish! To enter the Giveaway and be in with one of three chances of winning this lovely item, see the requirements below. 

Competition Closed!

A huge thank you to everyone that entered this competition! The 3 winners have been randomly selected by Rafflecopter and are listed below. Congratulations to Rachel, Sarah and Georgina! Please send an email to hartandesign@gmail.com listing the following details:

Chosen design (if you would like a design that is not yet shown on Hart & Design's Facebook Page, I have been assured that this is fine, as ALL designs will be considered!)
Child's name (if you would like more than one name on the letter, this is also fine)
Reason for letter and any special wording you would like.
Your address.

A low quality draft will be sent to you via email for your approval before your letter is printed and sent to your chosen address.

Congratulations and thanks to you all!!


  1. From Princess Daisy, for doing so well at school

  2. please enter me thanks i would love the peppa pig one if i won x kirwin4smithy@yahoo.co.uk

  3. I would love one from Disney Princesses with a Happy Birthday message :)

  4. Great idea, My boys would love a letter from pooh bear x

  5. My 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son would love this for Christmas

  6. I would love Peppa Pig, as we had major regression with potty training and the little man has turned it around again and is being superb. Would love a letter for Peppa to say how pleased she is with his big boy behaviour!

  7. I would have to be Santa to mark Paige's 1st Christmas. x

  8. Iwould love a peppa pig or disney princess one for my little girl. Would love it to encourage our little girl to be really helpful and kind when her little brother or sister comes along in justa couple of weeks. x x

  9. Roo would love Disney Princesses and I'd give it to her to say happy christmas

  10. Santa Saying happy Christmas @jessws2011

  11. Peppa Pig saying what a good girl Lexi has been at night sleeping in her own bed and so well! :) xxx

  12. jessica would love peppa pig , for being a good girl

  13. Peppa pig - The letter A for Amber xx rachael0-8@hotmail.co.uk