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Monday, 7 November 2011

POYNT - On a Device Near You!

Poynt is the award-winning, all-in-one, free local search App that connects consumers to businesses, retailers, movie theatres, restaurants, people, weather and local events, whenever and wherever they're needed.

With all the kids now back at school, time will be precious- and any timesaving applications are always welcomed!

This is a FANTASTIC  mobile app to meet the busy back to school rush that parents face- the application is called Poynt and is completely free!
 Poynt is a local search application which allows you to find businesses, restaurants, cinemas and events in your local area and will even provide directions to them for you.
 The Poynt app is ideal for busy parents for a number of reasons: 

      Find doctors, pharmacies, crèches, swimming pools, museums, zoos,      
      cinemas, ice rinks, restaurants, etc   
      Search for local family events – fairs, fetes, bonfire night celebrations

      Book tickets for cinema and other leisure activities

      Make a restaurant booking

      The app is available on all mobile platforms

SAVE TIME - Avoid copy and pasting details – MAKE CALLS DRIECT FROM APP!!!
 You can find out all detail via the Poynt website at http://poynt.com/However, below is a list of a few of the key USPs:
      Poynt is completely free to use.

      It offers users the chance to find businesses, cinemas, restaurants and 
      events in the local area.
      Poynt is available in eight countries – USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany,   
      Spain, Italy and Australia and will shortly be available in India.

      Whichever country you are in the directions and info will all appear in 
      English if you are English or in the local language if requested.

      Poynt is available on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Blackberry Playbook , 
      Nokia QT, Windows Phone 7 and Android.

      The app is deeply integrated with the handset so that you can add details
      to your contacts and calendar, call businesses, share the details via email
      Twitter and Facebook with friends and send invites all within the app itself

          iPhone features call gesture to call restaurants, cinemas, businesses etc. by 
    holding the handset to your ear
           AR which allows you to walk to your chosen destination with arrows pointing  
    the way – ideal if you are visiting a new location

Blackberry Playbook
         Allows you to pair your Blackberry device with the Playbook to add people to 
   your contacts and calendar

I decided to put the Poynt Application to the test last week when I was searching the local area for activities for my 2 year old daughter. I opened the application, and once it had searched my current location, it took me to an attractive menu screen which offered me 4 options: Businesses, Events, Restaurants and Movies, as well as displaying the local weather conditions and temperature. 

After selecting 'Businesses', I was taken to a Search Bar where I could enter my search words. When I typed 'Children's Centre' into the search bar, I was presented with a list of local results including their distance from my current location in kms. Above this list of results were 2 sponsored results selected by Thomson Local, both of which were reasonably nearby. On opening the business that seemed most suitable, I was given the address and telephone number of the children's centre, but also had the option to call them directly from the App, saving me from having to copy & paste the details. I was also given a Map and Directions information that would lead me straight to where I want to go. 

Poynt is easy and convenient to use and is great for finding locations in and around your local area (and beyond) which you may not have discovered before. And best of all, it's FREE! Give it a go and see in which direction this new App will POYNT you today!

This is not a sponsored post

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