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Friday, 21 October 2011

VTech First Steps Baby Walker

We have had the First Steps Baby Walker by VTech ever since my daughter was about 7 months old, and to this day, she still loves it and I can't see us putting it into the 'loft box' any time soon!! 

VTech First Steps Baby Walker
At 7 months old, she would drag herself along the floor, sit in front of it and spend ages pushing buttons, touching the lights, and 'flapping the butterfly, giggling every time it said "Peekaboo!" At this stage, I would watch as her senses were stimulated and her ability to manipulate were strengthened as she learnt to follow the lights around, bobbing her head to the playful music it played! She would press the same button over and over, enjoying the repetition of the sounds it made! The coloured wheels were working to develop her hand-eye coordination as well as her balance as she would raise one hand to vigorously spin them round!

View of the lower part of the 'Learning Centre'
By 10 months, she was pulling herself up and toddling a few steps, grabbing onto the sturdy, comfortable grip handle for support. She could push it with ease from one end of the room to the other, stopping only to sit down and explore the sounds and music once again. She was also learning to remove the telephone attachment from its cradle and hold it to the side of her face, all the while babbling away! The support that she received from the walker was fantastic. We have had other walkers, but none provided the security and freedom that this one did. She wasn't confined to sitting in a seat, she could move freely around the unit, using it to get to her destination easily. She was now able to benefit from the 'cogs' (with a small amount of help) and the Puppy button at the top, bouncing up and down to the music whilst holding onto the walker to stay upright!

Side view of the walker's sturdy frame and its textured wheels
By 15 months, she was walking with ease, still pushing the First Steps Baby Walker around the room. Now she was starting to press the buttons, A - E in order, listening carefully to the sounds it was making. She had identified the objects it displayed and would press the 'B' and grab her ball, press the 'C' and find her car. She was beginning to learn the letters and their sounds from the repetition she had known for the past 8 months.

Full view of the Learning Centre's activities - SO much to do!!!
By 18 months, she was having regular conversations on the phone attachment with her nanna and knew the sounds of the letters before pressing the buttons, and she would also count the buttons, 1 - 5. She had learnt, after many months of failed attempts, how to place the phone back onto its cradle, and would do so regularly as she enjoyed the "Well Done" compliment she received every time it was placed correctly!

Now she is 2 years old, and she still will not part with her First Steps Baby Walker!!! She knows 'A' is for Apple, and that 'E' is for Elephant, and so on, and it's all thanks to this walker. Munchkin was a late walker, as her feet are so tiny, but the First Steps Baby Walker compensated for the lack of balance in her feet and legs with its robust, steady frame and encouraged the independent movement she was otherwise denied. Her brain was way ahead of her physical ability, so the First Steps Baby Walker prevented the frustrations she would sometimes have being unable to travel around as freely and quickly as she wanted to as it was safe and easy for her to manipulate.

The Learning Centre is easily removed and reattached
The First Steps Baby Walker was lightweight enough for her to move around as she wanted, but heavy enough to support the weight she would put on it without tipping over and causing a nasty fall. It has improved her listening skills as she plays the 'Puppy Says' game, clapping her hands and nodding her head when told. By now, the confident walker that she is, she likes to remove the detachable Learning Centre from the frame and sit at the table with it, or sit on the floor with it on her lap! The First Steps Baby Walker is so sturdy and durable, that even with all the rough treatment a toddler's toys receive day in, day out, there is barely a mark on it! It resists the crashes, the scrapes and the drops. She now likes to 'teach' her dolls and teddies to 'walk' with her First Steps Baby Walker, making them hold the handle and showing them all the wonderful features! And when she is done using it for the day, the walker folds down easily and coveniently, allowing us to put it away tidily and safely!

The handle is removed and the whole unit folds flat for easy storage
I would highly recommend the First Steps Baby Walker to anyone looking for a strong, fun, stimulating, safe walking aid for any child. This walker has helped my daughter's development in so many areas including Letters, Numbers, Music, and has helped her fine motor and concentration skills and her hand/eye co-ordination more than any other walker she ever had.

The VTech First Steps Baby Walker is available in two vibrant, attractive colour schemes

The Red / Blue / Yellow colour scheme ...

... And a really pretty Pink / Purple colour scheme!

This wonderful product can be purchased in the following stores and has the VTech RRP of just £29.99!

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  1. I love this first steps walker. As this blog shows it doesnt just last for a small age gap. My daughter still loves hers at 14 months old and she can walk :-) x