My name is Lily-Sue, but my mummy calls me Munchkin (or 'Munch' for short!) I am 8 years old, and this is where my mummy will help me write all about all the fun things we do together. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of my mummy and me, Munchkin, with the occasional appearance from the siblings - Beastie and Plumlet.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Trials of Training ...? (Part 1) I WILL NOT sit!! ... Or will I ...?

Part One of
Our journey with

This week, I received a parcel. Once again, mummy put the box in the middle of the floor and told me it was mine. Now, you probably know by now, I love receiving parcels! After all ... parcels mean boxes ... and we all know what boxes mean ...

HOURS of fun!!

With a little help from mummy, I opened the box and gasped at the bright glow of pink that poured from the box the second it was released. Wow, this looked good!!! Mummy and daddy built up the excitement with the usual, "What's this you've got?!" and, and "Oh wow! This looks good, doesn't it Munchkin?!" Yes ... yes it did look good! Now take it out of the box!!!! And that's what she did. She lifted this mystery item in the pretty shade of pink from the box, and I stopped for a second. I didn't jump on it like I have been known to in the past. This parcel was different. Although I was still being ever so slightly drawn to the wonderful shade of pink, something was stopping me from reaching out, grabbing the item and running to the nearest corner to investigate more closely. I had seen one of these before. Let me share with you the contents of the latest parcel ...

The Pourty looked all too familiar!

Allow me to give you a little background information about my previous relationship with a very similar item ...

Daddy bought me a potty a few months ago. It was yellow, nothing special. It was new and I was excited about it. Mummy and daddy tried to show me it's primary use, encouraging me to sit on it. I had no intention of doing such a thing! This new purchase made a much better hat! It also doubled up as a steering wheel on occasions and I have too been known to raise the odd smile by attempting to walk around with it on my foot, announcing to anyone that will listen that I have new shoes!!! I would regularly find new uses for the potty - anything at all, as long as it didn't involve any sitting! Why would I want to sit on it? Anyone that knows me will be very aware that sitting is something I do very little of, and if you tell me to sit, I am even more reluctant! Well, I'm a toddler, after all!

"Not Today, mummy ... Later, daddy ...!"

For weeks, mummy and daddy tried to gently encourage me to SIT on this potty, assuring me that it would lead to good things, trying to sway me with the incentive of ditching the nappies and frequent 'bum changes'. I wasn't buying a word of it. This lightweight piece of plastic made a much better hat and an even better boot, so that is how it will stay. I would be happy playing with the potty, using it in my number of imaginative ways, and happy hearing mummy say on a number of occasions early on, "I suppose we need to allow her to get familiar with it first". Well, I wasn't getting familiar with it - not in the way mummy and daddy were hoping, anyway. I was playing with it and was more than content doing so ... until the suggestion of sitting on it was made again. Then I was quite happy to hide it away in the corner of the room, somewhere deep beneath a 'Munchkin Made' pile of toys, in the hope it would never be found again! This potty went from Friend to Foe in 0.2 seconds!!!

Well, quite obviously, persistence is definitely key. Mummy and daddy eventually accepted they had been defeated. In spite of their strong will and sheer determination, my will and determination were ever so much stronger. I wasn't keen on the nappy situation and the words, "Come and let me change your bum" screech through my ears like the badly written theme tune to my least favourite TV programme, but I will take them over having to sit on that potty! Mummy and daddy could see this and the potty disappeared overnight. I searched everywhere - under toys, at the bottom of my toybox, beneath my heap of cuddly toys, even behind the sofa. Nope, the potty was definitely no more! I was safe to play without the fear of running into it, and this made me happy!!

Then this parcel arrives and I feel it may be starting again. My Pourty is right there where I can see it, but I'm happy to leave it there. I don't feel the need to hide it away - as I said, it's a pretty pink colour, so it's better than the last offender already! Each day, usually at bathtime and sometimes mid 'bum change', mummy will gently ask me if I would like to sit on the potty for a minute. Wow, these guys are more determined than I first thought!! So between you and me, I decided to humour her on Saturday. I sat on it!! Only for a little while. Mummy told daddy it was for about 10 seconds, but I SAT! Since then, I have tried it each day, and each time mummy talks to me about what I should do on the potty. I'm not too keen on the idea of having a wee on there just yet, I think I'll just stick with the nappies for that right now, but I have to quietly admit, I think I like this new potty. I certainly won't give it the 'Foe' label just yet. I'll give it a little time and see how we get on ....

Some information about the Award Winning Pourty

Here is a little bit of information about the Pourty Potty. These are the initial features that we have identified on the 'un-boxing' of the product! 

Pourty has won Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Gold Awards for 2010-2011 for both New Product to market and Innovative Product Under £10. They have also been awarded a Silver Award for Toilet / Potty Training and the Silver in the 2010 Practical Pre-School Awards.

The Pourty has a unique, ingenious concept, designed by Jonnie and Lucy Rathbone, which promotes convenience and hygiene. It is made with a 'duct' on the rear side of the seat that allows you to pour all contents away without them having any contact with the seat. This way, there is no 'nasty stuff' touching any part of the potty that your child will sit on. It also has a really convenient 'carry handle' on the front of the potty which is opposite the pouring duct, so nothing nasty touches this either! And the splash guard is higher than on many potties which helps to prevent any accidental spillage, especially when boys are using the potty.

The Pourty is lightweight yet sturdy and comes complete with easy-to-read stickers on it showing all of the wonderful features of the product. The Pourty has a noticeably larger, wider seating area than many potties we have seen, which is comfortable to sit on for your children, but still small enough for their little bottoms! With some potties the narrow seating area can be uncomfortable and leave a red ring around your child's bottom when they have used it. This can cause a dislike of the whole experience, and we feel this has been a problem in our case up until now. The shape of the sides of the back rest of the Pourty give plenty of support to your child if they like to lean back once they are confident potty users and are shaped for maximum comfort. 

Mummy says there are many more great things about this wonderful product, all of which will be explored and explained during our 'The Trials of Training' journey. We will share our journey with you whilst we get familiar with the Pourty Potty and hope you will join us too. If anyone has any words of wisdom for mummy and daddy, or gentle words of encouragement for me, they will be gratefully accepted!!

Here goes ................!


  1. Good luck. Can't say I've had any luck with any potty of any description, so I'll be interested to see how this one shapes up.

  2. She will grow to love it as much as Eowyn I am sure, good luck xxx

  3. Fabulous post, children are so particular about potties

  4. Thanks for your kind words everyone. Looking forward to posting regular updates throughout our mission!!

  5. Very funny. Training is just around the corner for Little A and me and she already loves stuffing her teddies in her potty.

  6. Haha! Well we've decided to involve the teddies now! Fudgy Bear is proudly strutting his stuff in the latest Huggies design!! When we ask Munchkin to sit on the potty, Fudgy's nappy also comes off and he gets in on the action too :D If you can't beat 'em .....!! :)