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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Scotch Pop-Up Tape - Get Christmas All Wrapped Up!

Christmas is a magical time for the whole family, and since having Munchkin, Christmas now has a whole new meaning! As a child, I would watch as one or two presents from friends of the family appeared under the Christmas Tree in the weeks leading up to 25th December. The excitement was always too much to bear and I would sit for hours just staring at the gift tags, working out which were mine, and which belonged to my brother. I would never touch them though. Just in case the excitement bubble was popped by the realisation that I had identified the contents of my gifts and they would lose their 'wow' factor on Christmas Day!! Thinking back, I remember the presents being an essential part of the Festive decorations. The shapes, the colours, the large and the small ... the hours of care and attention that went into wrapping the gifts was fascinating! 

Now you can make the present wrapping task more special with beautifully, effortlessly wrapped presents thanks to Scotch Pop-Up Tape and Tape Dispenser from 3M.

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser and Dispenser Refills
This handy little accessory makes wrapping presents a much less stressful task, eliminating the chances of ending up tangled in lengths of curled sticky tape, and saving you the frustration of clawing at the roll of tape searching for the end! This product conveniently dispenses pre-cut strips of this specially designed tape. Both hands are kept free to fold, dispense and stick, leaving you free to spend your time enjoying the busy time!

We spend time and effort agonizing over buying the perfect gift for our loved ones. When I was younger, I can remember spending hours wrapping, sticking and adding colour coordinated ribbons to the gifts for my parents and my brother. Ok, so the wrapping paper is just going to be torn, screwed up and thrown away, but this didn't matter. Every present needed to look special, and for me, making that extra effort with the wrapping was essential. I just wish a product like this had existed back then! The infamous 'sticky tape tangle' was an innevitable occurrence every December! But these convenient little strips will put an end to these problems, and with their special satin finish, they disappear on most wrapping paper, making your presents look like they have arrived fresh from Santa's Grotto!

Working with the Dispenser is easy. It straps neatly to your hand, so that the unit sits comfortably on the back of your hand and the strap secures around your palm. The pre-cut strips are 19mm x 50mm (.75in x 2in) in size, so therefore you may need a few of them if you are wrapping a larger present. However, the neat and tidy results are well worth it. 

Refill Pop-Up Strips are available in packs of three pads as seen above, and each pad contains 75 strips. This means that up to 65 presents can be wrapped with one refill pack. And more great news is the nifty Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand Band comes in three fun colours:

Choose from Silver, Blue and Pink!
The Scotch Pop-Up Tape range is available from leading supermarkets and stationary stores, and this fantastic dispenser has an RRP of £2.49, whilst the refill packs has an RRP of £2.69. Many retailers will be offering promotional pricing in the lead up to Christmas, so look out for them next time you go shopping! I know mine will be taking a great deal of the stress out of my Christmas wrapping!!

For more information on Scotch products, as well as quick and easy wrapping ideas and tips, visit www.sayitwithscotch.co.uk

Happy Wrapping!!

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