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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Get In The Halloween SPIRIT with Scotch Restickable Tabs!

Halloween is the perfect time to throw a party and have some fun, and with the new Scotch Restickable Tabs, it is now easier than ever to create the ultimate haunted house!

Create the Ultimate Haunted House this Halloween with Scotch!
The double-sided adhesive tabs are easy to use and ideal for sticking up your spooky decorations and securing your ghostly ghouls to any surface you want!

Scotch Resticksable Tabs remove cleanly, ensuring you won't have any 'scary' marks left on your walls once the party is over. And, because the tabs are clear, you can be sure that even the most scrutinising of guests won't see them, even on windows and mirrors!

Best of all, when you've finished with them, you can use the Restickable Tabs all over again ... and again!

If they become dusty or dirty, simply wash them with some soapy water and they'll be sticky again, and as good as new!

The Scotch Restickable Tabs are very slim too, so your decorations stick nice and flush to your surfaces. It will stick your decorations neatly and discreetly to the wall or ceiling, allowing you to create The Ultimate Haunted House for Halloween!

Ideal for all your Spooky Art Projects!

Why  not try Getting crafty this Halloween with Scotch Restickable Tabs, and create your very own ultimate Haunted House!!

Create some scary looking family portraits
Get the family round and dig out some old fashioned style fancy dress costumes. Set your camera to black & white and get everyone posing, pulling the scariest faces you all can! 

Then, using your Scotch Restickable Tabs, stick the pictures of your 'ancestors' over the walls of your house!

Tip: Stick them in surprising places to give your unsuspecting guests a fright!

Making Halloween coloured paper chains
Buy some orange, black and purple coloured paper and cut it into evenly sized strips. Using sticky tape, make the pieces of paper into rings, looping each ring into the other.

Once you have a long enough garland, drape it from one side of the room to the other, and stick it to the ceiling using your Scotch Restickable Tabs.

Tip: Create lots of paper chains and hang several across the ceiling to create a really dramatic effect!

Making Ghostly Shadows
Buy some big sheets of black sugar paper, a draw large outlines of ghost shapes, black cat and witch silhouettes.

Carefully cut these out, making sure you don't leave any visible pencil marks. 

Use your Scotch Restickable Tabs to stick these on the walls and ceilings around your home.

Tip: Stick some behind your bathroom door, to give your guests a fright when they visit the toilet!!

The Scotch Restickable Tabs are ideal for any home that like to get into the spirit of the season, and if Halloween decorations are not your thing, they are great for everyday purposes. We have also used them for Munchkin's Alphabet Wall Charts, and for once - she hasn't pulled them down!!  

Also great for everyday use!

Scotch Restickable Tabs are available from RYMAN and from 3M and can be purchased in packs of 18!

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