My name is Lily-Sue, but my mummy calls me Munchkin (or 'Munch' for short!) I am 8 years old, and this is where my mummy will help me write all about all the fun things we do together. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of my mummy and me, Munchkin, with the occasional appearance from the siblings - Beastie and Plumlet.

Monday, 31 October 2011

WIN and Play Like the Stars! With Coerver Coaching Vol.1!


DVD Release date: 7th November 2011
Running Time: 90 Minutes 
DVD RRP: £9.99 
Cert: E


Learn to play like your football heroes with COERVER COACHING VOL 1! Coerver bring their tried and tested method to DVD for the first time with skills, flicks, passes and tricks in a programme endorsed by Geoff Hurst, Jurgen Klinsmann and Gerard Houllier.

In the 1970s, Dutch football legend Wiel Coerver created a coaching programme based upon the skills of the world’s greatest players. His system was designed to hone individual passing skills and dribbling moves. Further developed by Alfred Galustian and former Chelsea player Charlie Cooke, Coerver Coaching has since become a global coaching standard and is a programme used by the best sides in the world, including the academies of the world’s greatest clubs.

…is a globally renowned football skills training method
…is recommended by the world’s top federations, associations, clubs and   
  football stars
…is suitable for all ages, especially those aged 5-16
…is perfect for beginners as well as developed players
…transforms players technical skills
…will start you on the way to playing like the world’s best

Coerver is supported and partnered by leading football brand adidas, a relationship dating back more than 20 years.

“It’s the best technical skills programme I’ve come across; even after 25 years it continues to evolve and excite.” 

Gerard Houllier – former Liverpool and Aston Villa manager

Here at The Hart of the Munchkin Patch, we are pleased to offer our readers an exciting competition to celebrate the launch of COERVER COACHING VOL 1. We have a fantastic prize to give away to FIVE of our lovely readers ... and here is what you could win ...

One lucky reader will win an exclusive Coerver Edition Adidas Football!

And this lucky winner, plus FOUR runners -up will win a copy of COERVER COACHING VOL 1 on DVD!

See below to enter. Mandatory points must be completed for your entry to count. Non-Mandatory steps will give you extra entries into the competition!

Competition will end on Sunday 27th November 2011, and the winner will be picked at random. The winner's name will be announced here on my blog, and to to ensure we are abiding by the rules of Facebook, we will not announce names there. There will, however, be an announcement on Facebook to direct you to the winner's announcement. UK Only! This competition will generate FIVE winners in total - one winner of the first prize of a football and the DVD, and four winners of the DVD. 


The competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who has entered. Hopefully this prize will make some football fans very happy this Christmas! See below for the winner announcement! Well done to Paula who has won the First Prize of the Special Edition Adidas football and the DVD, and to Annelouise, Ness, Rachael and Emmys Mummy who have won a copy of Coerver Coaching Volume 1 on DVD. Please send an email to munchkinhart@gmail.com with your home address and I will arrange for your prizes to be sent out to you!


Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Trials of Training ...? (Part 2) I might quite like to sit actually ...!

Part Two of
Our journey with

A few weeks ago, we shared the beginning of our Pourty journey with you, which can be found HERE. Since then, I have been getting to grips with this new potty, and I have to quietly admit ... I quite like it! Ok, so I don't sit on it every day, only when I feel like it really, but it's a start! Mummy and daddy have taken lots of the tips that were left on the competition post and tried them out, and they're really good! This is how Part 2 of our journey began .....

My Fudgy Bear is learning to use my Pourty Potty too!
I decided that I didn't want to be the only one in our house learning to use the new Pourty, so I invited my best friend, Fudgy Bear, to join me. He likes to sit on the Pourty, and he likes it when I help him. He sits there while we play together, and mummy makes sure I always tell him he's been a very good boy when he sits nicely! Every time mummy and daddy change my nappy, they ask me if I would like to sit on my Pourty Potty for a while. Sometimes I say no, but sometimes they manage to convince me that it would be a good idea. At the moment, I really am not a fan of having my nappy changed, and daddy tells me if I start to use my potty, then they won't have to change my nappy any more. This sounds like a good idea to me!

The other day, I decided I would like to sit on my Pourty for a while. Mummy enlisted the help of some secret weapons .....

Pots, pans and pasta! The ultimate weapons, apparently!
Mummy sat with me and we played with lots of dry pasta, some pots and pans and my tea set. I busied myself, moving the pasta bows from the pot to the cup, from the cup to the pot and occasionally trying to eat them! Pasta is my favourite, but this pasta tasted different. It was a bit more crunchy than it normally is!

I touched the pasta, smelt the pasta, even kissed the pasta, but it was definitely different!!
I sat for quite a while, but the Pourty Potty was still empty! I must say though, I was very comfortable! My old potty used to be quite uncomfortable, so I didn't like sitting on it. My Pourty is shaped just right so that my bottom fits perfectly and I felt I could sit on it for ages!!

I think mummy and daddy wanted me to have a wee, so they brought out secret weapon #2! This was two plastic jugs, one of which was filled with water. Now this was going to be fun!!!

The sound of trickling water just has to work ... surely ...??
I poured the water from one jug to the other, being careful not to tip it all over the floor! I love playing with water! And yes, I was STILL sitting! And happily too! I poured the water into the pot and stirred the crunchy pasta round and round, watching the water turn really cloudy.

I found the pasta, mummy!!! But still no wee ...
I played like this for ages, and not once did I think of allowing my bottom to leave the potty. Ok, so the occasional piece of pasta dropped into the Pourty, and for some reason, mummy cringed every time I dipped my hand straight in to pick it out, but I was happy. I liked having the company whilst I was sitting there playing!

... Very happy!
In between me spilling water on the floor, dropping pasta into the potty and trying to persuade mummy to taste some of the lovely pasta I had made for her (which was now rather slimy and soggy!!), I knew I was meant to be achieving something on the Pourty. Mummy and daddy were both there - eagerly waiting for 'something' to happen. But they didn't push for it. I think mummy was having too much fun getting covered in water and slimy pasta! I know I was!!

Look at the slimy pasta I made! Want some ...?!
Well, 57 minutes I sat on the Pourty this time. 57 minutes and not even a dribble!!! (Teee Heee!) Mummy said if she'd allowed me to run around without a nappy on for 57 minutes, she would have had to follow me around, mopping up several mishaps! I don't know what she means, but I know we had fun. I think we'll be doing it again very soon. 

We all learnt that having the fun things to play with and the company to interact with made a big difference to our progress today. I was comfortable and was having fun. Mummy and daddy were so pleased with me when we were tidying up (and very quickly putting my nappy on - 57 minutes without a wee was a long time, and they knew me too well!) The best bit about the whole hour was the HUGE cuddles I got from mummy!

... and Fudgy Bear, of course!
I think I'll be giving this 'potty training' thing more of a chance now. But I won't be rushed, and mummy & daddy know that. I'm lucky they have so much patience!! 

WIN a magical day in LAPLAND with Santa himself!

Transun are a tour operator specialising in once-in-a-lifetime trips to Lapland. This includes authentic Santa breaks that take holidaymakers deeper into the Laplandish forest to meet Santa than any other tour operator. This really is a magical experience for children.

To recreate this magic at home Santa has been personified on Facebook and Twitter. In the build up to Christmas, updates are posted as Santa himself living in Lapland with Mrs Claus, the elves and the reindeer. Last year, there was an amazing amount of interaction, with many children posting their Christmas wishlists and questions for Santa – the Facebook and Twitter channels really brought Santa alive for them.

This year they plan to rekindle the same Santa experience on social media, as well as running a Facebook competition for one lucky boy or girl (and an equally lucky parent!) to spend the day with Santa in Lapland. Entrants must upload pictures of themselves in the Christmas spirit and explain in no more than 20 words why they deserve to meet Santa.

The competition is now live and the deadline is the 11th December, 2011. Please see the Facebook page for further details. 

  • The prize is worth £898 and is a day trip to Lapland for one adult and one child.
  • All day trips and activities are included in the prize. 
  • The day trip will commence on the 22nd December, 2011 so entrants need to be available to travel on this date. 
This truly would be a magical prize for any child hoping to bump into Santa this year! Why not let your little ones let Santa know what they want for Christmas through his very own Facebook page. In fact, while you're at it, why not add a few of your own festive wishes too ... you never know ... if you've been good boys and girls ... he may be squeezing down your chimney this year!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Secret Santa Solutions by 3M, Scotch and Post-it!

Hunting for the perfect 'Secret Santa' solution for a stylish colleague or maybe your looking for the ideal stocking filler for the fashionista that 'has it all' ...? Look no further than these unique Scotch and Post-it Brand gifts from 3M.

If your Christmas budget doesn't quite stretch to a pair of coveted Louboutins or that Mulberry handbag, fear not for you can still be on trend this Christmas with these two leading stationary brands.

The Pop-up Note Dispenser takes the form of a trendy mock-croc style handbag. The stylish, refillable Post-it Note Dispenser is wonderful for personalising any desk space. This item is so elegant and stylish as well as being compact, meaning it can sit on the smallest of workspaces, ensuring that your handy Post-it Notes are always at your fingertips. This classy, chic dispenser is weighted which means it stays put, making it even easier to use, even with just one hand. 

This fashionable item is simple to refill as the dispenser pops open with the press of a button and takes 76mmx76mm Post-it Notes. The pack contains one pad containing 50 sheets of pop-up Z-Notes, and additional refills can be found on the 3M website

I have found my Post-it Note Dispenser so useful and it is now a permanent fixture on the work desk at home!

Next is the sassy, sharp Scotch Tape Dispenser.

If shoes are the accessory of choice for the fashionista in your life, then this unique, Stiletto Shaped Scotch Tape Dispenser would make a great gift. Again, this item is also weighted, making it easy to use, even with only one hand available! This a fun and functional tape dispenser which will look great on any desk top whether at home or in the office. I comes ready to use, complete with a 19mm x 8.89m roll of  Scotch Magic Tape. This great tape is ideal for so many uses, as it is invisible once stuck down, making your gifts or creative projects look exceptionally neat! Additional rolls can be purchased HERE. The heel of the stylish stiletto is attached to a plastic disc which ensures that the item stays steady on your desk and remains balanced.

Both of these products are stylish, practical and fully functional desk accessories and are perfect for dressing up any desk. As both of these office essentials are under £10, they make wonderful stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts for the fashion fan in your life!

The Post-It Note 'Handbag' Dispenser has an RRP of £8.99
The Scotch Tape 'Stiletto' Tape Dispenser has an RRP of £7.99

"3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious products. It's culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better."

Browse the full range of products by 3M on their website HERE
Find 3M on Facebook HERE
Follow 3M on Twitter HERE

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Scotch Pop-Up Tape - Get Christmas All Wrapped Up!

Christmas is a magical time for the whole family, and since having Munchkin, Christmas now has a whole new meaning! As a child, I would watch as one or two presents from friends of the family appeared under the Christmas Tree in the weeks leading up to 25th December. The excitement was always too much to bear and I would sit for hours just staring at the gift tags, working out which were mine, and which belonged to my brother. I would never touch them though. Just in case the excitement bubble was popped by the realisation that I had identified the contents of my gifts and they would lose their 'wow' factor on Christmas Day!! Thinking back, I remember the presents being an essential part of the Festive decorations. The shapes, the colours, the large and the small ... the hours of care and attention that went into wrapping the gifts was fascinating! 

Now you can make the present wrapping task more special with beautifully, effortlessly wrapped presents thanks to Scotch Pop-Up Tape and Tape Dispenser from 3M.

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser and Dispenser Refills
This handy little accessory makes wrapping presents a much less stressful task, eliminating the chances of ending up tangled in lengths of curled sticky tape, and saving you the frustration of clawing at the roll of tape searching for the end! This product conveniently dispenses pre-cut strips of this specially designed tape. Both hands are kept free to fold, dispense and stick, leaving you free to spend your time enjoying the busy time!

We spend time and effort agonizing over buying the perfect gift for our loved ones. When I was younger, I can remember spending hours wrapping, sticking and adding colour coordinated ribbons to the gifts for my parents and my brother. Ok, so the wrapping paper is just going to be torn, screwed up and thrown away, but this didn't matter. Every present needed to look special, and for me, making that extra effort with the wrapping was essential. I just wish a product like this had existed back then! The infamous 'sticky tape tangle' was an innevitable occurrence every December! But these convenient little strips will put an end to these problems, and with their special satin finish, they disappear on most wrapping paper, making your presents look like they have arrived fresh from Santa's Grotto!

Working with the Dispenser is easy. It straps neatly to your hand, so that the unit sits comfortably on the back of your hand and the strap secures around your palm. The pre-cut strips are 19mm x 50mm (.75in x 2in) in size, so therefore you may need a few of them if you are wrapping a larger present. However, the neat and tidy results are well worth it. 

Refill Pop-Up Strips are available in packs of three pads as seen above, and each pad contains 75 strips. This means that up to 65 presents can be wrapped with one refill pack. And more great news is the nifty Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand Band comes in three fun colours:

Choose from Silver, Blue and Pink!
The Scotch Pop-Up Tape range is available from leading supermarkets and stationary stores, and this fantastic dispenser has an RRP of £2.49, whilst the refill packs has an RRP of £2.69. Many retailers will be offering promotional pricing in the lead up to Christmas, so look out for them next time you go shopping! I know mine will be taking a great deal of the stress out of my Christmas wrapping!!

For more information on Scotch products, as well as quick and easy wrapping ideas and tips, visit www.sayitwithscotch.co.uk

Happy Wrapping!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Get In The Halloween SPIRIT with Scotch Restickable Tabs!

Halloween is the perfect time to throw a party and have some fun, and with the new Scotch Restickable Tabs, it is now easier than ever to create the ultimate haunted house!

Create the Ultimate Haunted House this Halloween with Scotch!
The double-sided adhesive tabs are easy to use and ideal for sticking up your spooky decorations and securing your ghostly ghouls to any surface you want!

Scotch Resticksable Tabs remove cleanly, ensuring you won't have any 'scary' marks left on your walls once the party is over. And, because the tabs are clear, you can be sure that even the most scrutinising of guests won't see them, even on windows and mirrors!

Best of all, when you've finished with them, you can use the Restickable Tabs all over again ... and again!

If they become dusty or dirty, simply wash them with some soapy water and they'll be sticky again, and as good as new!

The Scotch Restickable Tabs are very slim too, so your decorations stick nice and flush to your surfaces. It will stick your decorations neatly and discreetly to the wall or ceiling, allowing you to create The Ultimate Haunted House for Halloween!

Ideal for all your Spooky Art Projects!

Why  not try Getting crafty this Halloween with Scotch Restickable Tabs, and create your very own ultimate Haunted House!!

Create some scary looking family portraits
Get the family round and dig out some old fashioned style fancy dress costumes. Set your camera to black & white and get everyone posing, pulling the scariest faces you all can! 

Then, using your Scotch Restickable Tabs, stick the pictures of your 'ancestors' over the walls of your house!

Tip: Stick them in surprising places to give your unsuspecting guests a fright!

Making Halloween coloured paper chains
Buy some orange, black and purple coloured paper and cut it into evenly sized strips. Using sticky tape, make the pieces of paper into rings, looping each ring into the other.

Once you have a long enough garland, drape it from one side of the room to the other, and stick it to the ceiling using your Scotch Restickable Tabs.

Tip: Create lots of paper chains and hang several across the ceiling to create a really dramatic effect!

Making Ghostly Shadows
Buy some big sheets of black sugar paper, a draw large outlines of ghost shapes, black cat and witch silhouettes.

Carefully cut these out, making sure you don't leave any visible pencil marks. 

Use your Scotch Restickable Tabs to stick these on the walls and ceilings around your home.

Tip: Stick some behind your bathroom door, to give your guests a fright when they visit the toilet!!

The Scotch Restickable Tabs are ideal for any home that like to get into the spirit of the season, and if Halloween decorations are not your thing, they are great for everyday purposes. We have also used them for Munchkin's Alphabet Wall Charts, and for once - she hasn't pulled them down!!  

Also great for everyday use!

Scotch Restickable Tabs are available from RYMAN and from 3M and can be purchased in packs of 18!

Stepping out in style with the Skirtle by SKEANIE!

SKIRTLE [Skir-tl] - noun - A garment hanging from the waist with a snug, stretchable garment covering the legs from the waist down. 

SKIRT [skurt] - noun - A garment hanging from the waist

TIGHTS [tights] - noun - A snug, stretchable garment covering the legs from the waist down.

Recently, the lovely people at SKEANIE.co.uk spoke to mummy and offered to send an item called a 'Skirtle' out for me to try. Now, I love it when mummy tells me how pretty I look (although she tells me EVERY day!) and immediately, she said, "Munchkin, you will look so pretty in this!" Hmmmmm, yes mummy, of course (... again!) Anyway, being only 2 years old, in matters like this, I have little choice but to go along with what mummy thinks. While we were waiting for the parcel to arrive, mummy had a look at the story behind Skeanie!

SKEANIE the critically acclaimed Australian children’s footwear manufacturer has just launched its first collection in Europe.

SKEANIE, who since their launch in 2009, have turned both old and young heads with their beautiful range of children’s shoes, manage to combine all the protection and health benefits  your child’s feet require with stunning designs inspired by the latest collections. SKEANIE have already become the choice of some of Hollywood’s A (Jnr) list celebrities, such as Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

A claim that is supported by leading podiatrist expert, Jayne McGreal,  “The most important thing for little feet is that they are free to move. SKEANIE’s incorporate the fundamental design elements recommended by podiatrists and pediatricians. They are an excellent choice for those little gorgeous, plump feet.”
All SKEANIE shoes are handcrafted from the softest eco-leather creating a light-weight, flexible and loveable shoe which is specially designed to provide comfort and support that allow children’s feet to develop naturally and in a healthy manner. 

Their range of wonderful shoes for little feet are amazing and look so comfortable. Unfortunately, although I am 2years old and a more-than-confident walker, my feet are exceptionally small and therefore my feet need to grow a little before I can fit into a pair of Skeanies that are suitable for my physical, active developmental stage. However, you can read about the benefits of SKEANIE'S wonderful shoes in the fantastic, comprehensive review by BLOG BY BABY.

When the Skirtle arrived though, mummy was so pleased. She was saying things like "it's so well made" and "the material is really soft", so I knew what was coming next ... my leggings came straight off, and before I knew it, there I was, modelling my very own Skirtle! (... How does she do that??)

My new Skirtle from Skeanie!
The Skirtle is a pair of beautifully fitted footless tights with a trendy little skirt attached.  As you have probably found out little girls like me, with little or no hips, struggle to keep skirts on the right place! They twist, fall down, ride up ... well, they do on me, anyway! Mummy is forever adjusting my skirts, but this garment solves all of those problems! Admittedly, there have been items on the High Street that look similar in style, but there is something about Skeanie's Skirtle that is very special. For a start, there was something about it that made mummy extra happy ... It never needs ironing?! The Skirtle is made from the same material as Skeanie's range of children's socks, meaning the whole garment is elasticated but with a very high cotton content. The material is really soft which means it is very easy to pull the tights on, and I'm learning to do it all by myself too! And pulling one garment on is much easier than pulling on two! Any of you that are familiar with my blog will know that I am starting to potty train, and the Skirtle is simple to take off if I suddenly decide that I want to sit on the potty! And with a mixture of 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon and 5% Elastane, the Skirtle is perfectly safe in the washing machine!

Isn't it lovely?!
Whatever I am doing, the Skirtle stays put. The skirt doesn't twist, or fall down, and the tights stay comfortably in place. The tights have a really pretty 'ruffled' detail around the ankles, and the whole garment just looks very unique and special. Whenever I am wearing my Skirtle, someone always says to mummy, "oooh, I love her little skirt and tights! Where did you get them?" They look quite surprised when she tells them it's a one-piece set!

Relaxed and Comfortable in my Skirtle!
Mummy was able to choose the Skirtle for me and she decided (after lots of pondering!) to go with the Fawn Dots. This was a hard decision, as the Skirtle is also available (in the UK) in Chocolate Dots, Navy Stripes and Pink Stripes. All of the designs are so lovely, but mummy loves spotty things! 

The Skirtle in the lovely Navy Stripe design
We have also been advised that you can team your Skeanie Skirtle with a pair of Skeanie Knee-High Socks for added warmth. And their socks are made in the same patterns as the Skirtle, so perfectly coordinated! However, the material of the Skirtle is very warm, absolutely perfect for the pending Autumn weather!

So far, I have played in the garden, relaxed indoors and played with my friend at the local Soft Play Centre whilst wearing my Skirtle. I really put it through its paces - crawling through tunnels, climbing 'mountains', tumbling down slides and clambering up ladders. Ok, so with activity like this, of course the skirt is going to ride up around my waist occasionally, but not once did it twist or fall down! At least when it rides up, mummy is happy that it is staying intact and not travelling above the waistband of the tights!

Putting the Skirtle to test for real!

Climbing, crawling, sliding ... No problem!!

Overall, Skeanie's Skirtle gets a 5/5 from me and mummy. It looks great, washes well, never needs ironing, is comfortable for everyday wear and can withstand the relentless activities of an on-the-go toddler like me! 

The full range of Skeanie's Skirtles can be found HERE on their website, where you can get your hands on one for just £19.99!

Follow Skeanie on Facebook HERE to keep up to date on all of their wonderful product information and special offers!

Follow Skeanie on Twitter HERE to stay connected and hear about their most recent product news!

I love wearing my Skirtle - You've made me Princess of the Playground!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Caption Saturday

Saturday, 22nd October, 2011

Saturday is Caption Day, and, although a little later in the day than usual, here is my picture for the week.  

Here is where #CapSat all began ...