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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Save the Children!

I have been tagged by The Wonderful Adventures of Spud and Spike to write a short 100 word blog post about a memorable Health Professional that I have encountered in my lifetime in aid of SAVE THE CHILDREN. The campaign aims to increase awareness of the shortage of Healthcare Workers, including midwives, in the poorest countries. The way you can help is to sign the PETITION to David Cameron asking him to play his full part in solving the health worker crisis which is costing millions of children's lives.

So here goes (although I will undoubtedly write more than 100 words!!!):

Mine would have to be the night that I gave birth to Munchkin. I know it's not very original, but it's the best treatment I have ever received from the NHS. I was a first time mum, and utterly terrified! I was completely overwhelmed by the whole experience, and not sure what was happening from one minute to the next (although that was mainly down to the gas & air!) One particular midwife stayed by my side the whole time. Janine, her name was, and although her shift was due to end at 3am, she was still with me at 5am when I was trying to feed my newborn baby for the first time after the 20 hour labour then C-Section, and helping Munchkin's daddy dress her in her very first outfit. She was already on an extended shift and stayed with me the whole way through, and was the first person to hold Munchkin. This wonderful woman will stay close to my heart forever as she hugely exceeded what was expected of her so that she could be there to deliver my baby. 

Munchkin at 6 hours old

Ok, so here is how to join in and do your bit:

  1. So first off - Let's all sign the PETITION (takes less than a minute)
  2. Then the challenge set by @HelloItsGemma and @michelletwinmum is that they need to see 100 posts of 100 words linked up here by Tuesday. If 100 bloggers each write a post about this and encourage more signatures that could make a massive dent in the 20,000 signature shortfall that we sit with right now!

    Write your 100 words about a great health professional you have encountered in your life. Add a link to the petition and either link or add in some information from Save the Children about the #Healthworkers campaign
  3. Link to a number of other bloggers/ vloggers and ask them to do the same and add yourself to the LINKY list!
  4. Tweet about this, facebook mention it, remark on google plus, talk to your Mum on the phone, whatever you can do to spread this to just a few more people, please do it.

So I will now pass the baton to:
Charlie Monsters Fun House
Mummy vs Work

Please, even if you have not been tagged, do join in!



  1. Great post. Giving birth is scary, exciting, hard work, worrying. Its so much easier when you have lovely, supportive health workers helping you through x

  2. Thank you so much! It was scary, but worth every second of it!!! Janine made it so much easier! I'll never forget what she did! x

  3. thank you, think every first time mum experiences similar feelings and amazing midwives make such a difference. i can't imagine giving birth without a trained professional by my side - we are very lucky

  4. Thank you so much for joining in and adding your voice for the mums and children of the world who are not as lucky as we are!