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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Let's Rock! Elmo

When we were asked to try out and review the brand new Let’s Rock! Elmo from Hasbro, you can imagine the excitement here in the Munchkin Patch!! And that excitement was just from my mummy and daddy, because they didn’t even tell me he was coming. This was a brilliant opportunity as we were getting to try him out before he even found himself on UK Retailers’ shelves!

When he arrived, he came in a huge box which looked really appealing. When mummy told me there was something inside the box, well, we couldn't get it open quickly enough!!! I pulled open the box and this is what we found inside .....

Eeeeek! It's Elmo!!!!!
 He was sitting comfortably in his box, surrounded by his brilliant accessories - his drums, his tambourine and, of course, his microphone. I sat patiently whilst daddy carefully lifted him out of his box, which was covered in examples of Elmo's great features. Mummy and daddy spent some time reading the box and the instructions, but I just wanted the box opened! I was so excited!!

I could barely contain myself!
Elmo stands 11 inches tall, wears his own 'rock style' t-shirt and is reasonably lightweight at just 1.1kg. You can position him behind his drums or with his tambourine in one hand and his microphone in the other, either way, when his left foot is pressed, he knows what instrument he is in control of and will comment and move accordingly. If I decide that I want to play the drums AND the tambourine AND sing with the microphone, Elmo politely asks me to hand something to him so that we can play together, saying things like "Elmo wants to play the drums!" and "Elmo loves the tambourine". If I ignore Elmo's request 5 times, he will give up asking me to share and will eventually go into a Sleep Mode and won't speak again until his foot is pressed. I don't ignore him very often though, because he says "please" and  and teaches me really good manners! When I give him his instruments, he immediately encourages me to join in with him making some fantastic music!

I can sing and shake the tambourine whilst Elmo plays along on his drums! ...

... Or we can swap, and I can take control of the drums as Elmo sings into his microphone and shakes his tambourine to the music!

Elmo sings and plays along to some of his favourite tunes, including Elmo's World, It Takes Two and The Alphabet Song! The whole time, his movements depend entirely on the instruments he has. He will bang the drums perfectly in time with the music or shake the tambourine above his head whilst holding the microphone to his mouth. His instruments are perfect for him and are nice and small & lightweight, so perfect for my little hands too! The lyrics are lovely and clear and I find myself singing along to the Alphabet Song without even realising it! 

Sometimes I just like to get up and dance to Elmo's wonderful music!

Let's Rock! Elmo will also interact with other 'Let's Rock' instruments, including a keyboard, a guitar and an additional microphone which will all be sold separately. I'm putting them on my Christmas list!! 

Overall, Elmo is a brilliant addition to any child's (that's both small kids and 'big kids' like mummy and daddy!!) toy collection. He requires no assembly at all and is ready to rock straight from the box! All he needs is 6AA batteries ('test' batteries included) and a willing band mate who is ready to rock!! I think he will take pride of place on many Christmas lists this year and rightfully so! He is made with us kids in mind, but is real entertainment for the whole family!

Elmo claims to be suitable for children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years ... but my mummy and daddy are older than 4, and they love him nearly as much as I do!!!

Thank you Hasbro ... Elmo ROCKS!!!!

Let's Rock! Elmo is available to buy from most large toy retailers from today! A must for the Christmas list!


  1. Fantastic review, thank you. I think it will be on my little ones Christmas wish list, lol.

  2. I've never really been an Elmo fan, but this looks AMAZING!!!! Lovely review Munchkin :-D xxx