My name is Lily-Sue, but my mummy calls me Munchkin (or 'Munch' for short!) I am 8 years old, and this is where my mummy will help me write all about all the fun things we do together. I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of my mummy and me, Munchkin, with the occasional appearance from the siblings - Beastie and Plumlet.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Hopes and Dreams ...

We have been tagged by the wonderful LOVED BY LEXI to tell you about the thing we dream of owning the most. The thing is, I'm 23 months old, so my 'wants' go little beyond chocolate, Super Why on the TV and my latest Tinkerbell colouring book, so I think I'll hand over to mummy to answer this one for me :)

When me and my brother were children, we didn't have big foreign holidays every year, but we did go away most years, as far as I can remember. Our grandparents owned a holiday house in Exmouth, Devon which we would stay in regularly, my parents had friends in Combe Martin, North Devon, who owned a Hotel which we would visit, my Great Aunt lives in Dersingham, Norfolk and we would regularly stay with her. However, one of the earliest holidays that I remember as a child was one on the Norfolk Broads. Staying on a boat for 2 weeks, travelling around to different areas of the broads, seeing different places and climbing a different tree every day after having dinner with the boat roof open.

Me and my brother climbed this tree when I was 5 years old, and we visited it again 25 years later!

 It was so much fun! I was 5 years old on that holiday. In April 2010, I was lucky enough to share this holiday again with my mum and dad. However, this time, I was 30 years old and had a long term partner, 6 month old daughter and our dog with me! The nostalgia was amazing, and I realised how differently I appreciated my surroundings as an adult and, more importantly, as a mum. Munchkin had a lovely time, and was such a good girl throughout the holiday!

This leads me on quite nicely to something I have always dreamt of owning myself. There are many things you could give me that would make me very happy. A car (with driving licence included), a nice summer house for the garden that I could possibly convert into a craft room for me (I would also accept a converted garage or attic, or even an extra room in the house that we don't have yet!!!) However, I will always come back to the one thing .......

I would love a home on the Norfolk Broads! Yes, I know, I am a girl with simple desires. I don't want much in life, but I really want a nice home for me and my little family on the broads, with a little boat moored up at the bottom of the garden. If I could have one with a vacant house either side - one for mum & dad and one for my brother & his family, then that would be a bonus!!  During our 2010 visit, we cruised down the Broads looking at all the gorgeous houses, especially the ones with the 'For Sale' boards standing outside them, and making loads of 'never gonna happen' plans! Going to the Broads last year made me love it all over again, and all I know is that I never wanted to come home!

Well that's it. That's what she wants. I personally can't remember going on this holiday last year, but I was only 6 months old. Maybe mummy and daddy will take me back there one day and tell me all about my first holiday there. I must admit - it looks quite nice. I wouldn't mind living there ... would you?!

Thank you LOVED BY LEXI for tagging us to write about our hopes and dreams. In return, we are tagging EMMY'S MUMMY, LOREN'S LITTLE LOVELYS, BLOG BY BABY and MUMMY VS WORK to write about the thing you would like to own more than anything in the world!

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