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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Happy Birthday Postman Pat!!

Yesterday, Friday 16th September, 2011, Postman Pat invited lots of friends to party with him as he celebrated his 30th birthday. Me and mummy were really lucky to be invited to join Danielle and Marky from Blog by Baby and Lauren and Spud from The Wonderful Adventures of Spud and Spike for his Big Birthday Bash at the Vue Cinema in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London. I was very excited about seeing Postman Pat and Jess the Cat, and so me and mummy made our way to London.

We arrived at the attractive Westfield and I managed to stop mummy from dragging me in all of the lovely shops on the way to meet the others!!

When we arrived at the cinema, we were greeted by Postman Pat and Jess. Now, I know I said I was excited, and I was, but he was big!! I was a little nervous at the beginning and wasn't too keen on getting too close!! I didn't really give my best photo face!! Sorry mummy!

Not too sure at the beginning. He's huge!!!

As soon as we arrived and had our photo taken, a lovely lady came and offered to 'park' our buggy. "Yes please driver!!" So mummy was 'buggy free' and able to join in the fun with me! We then found ourselves at a big table covered in a yummy spread made of cakes!!! (and fresh juice!) Platter after platter of special birthday cupcakes made especially for Pat!! And they were tasty!!

Then we moved on to the activity tables. There were crayons, pens, paper, sticky glue, and lots of things to make! I spent lots of time here with mummy! I made a card for my daddy and a collar for Jess the Cat. I did, however, decide to keep the 'collar' for myself ... well what do you expect? ... it jingles!!!! A funny man was also making balloon animals for all of us! He made me a teddy bear holding a heart. I was very impressed!

Then Postman Pat was presented with his special birthday cake which looked just like his big red van! And it had candles for him to blow out!

Everyone loved the cake! One little boy even nicked  a chunk of icing when his mummy wasn't looking!!
After all the excitement of cakes, crafting and balloons, we made our way into the lovely cinema where we watched 3 episodes of Postman Pat from his new Birthday DVD - they were brilliant, and once again, I managed to sit still in my own chair (when I wasn't on mummy's lap or sitting on the floor at the front!!) and we were all given our own bag of Postman Pat Popcorn! We were also told about the brilliant news of a Postman Pat Movie being made which is due for release in 2013!

When mummy researched the pending release of the film, she found out that Pat will be voiced by Green Wing actor Stephen Mangan, and the cast will also include Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint and David Tennant. Rather than just focusing on what we know and love Postman Pat for, the storyline will centre around what happens when Pat enters a TV talent show that threatens to take him away from his village life in the famous Greendale village! Sounds exciting!

When the screening had finished, Postman Pat gave me my very own Goody Bag filled with lots of Postman Pat treats, including a wonderful toy and my own copy of his Birthday DVD!

Happy 30th Birthday Postman Pat! May you continue delivering letters to the residents of Greendale for many years to come! Oh, and thank you for letting me have a cuddle with Jess!!!

I wasn't as scared by the end of the film!

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