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Friday, 18 July 2014

Tell me, mummy ... Why does the moon come out in the day?

Walking home from nursery the other day, and Munchkin asks:

"Why is the moon out in the daytime, mummy?"

Now, topics involving the moon, the sun and the solar system were never my strongest subjects at school, but I tried!

Just as I tried to answer Munchkin's question as she was skipping along the path of the park on the way home.

First I asked her why she thinks the moon was out in the daytime. This was her answer:

"I think the moon has his times mixed up a bit. Maybe he thinks it's bedtime? Well it isn't, and he needs to go away again until it's time for bed!"

To any 4 year old, I think this would pass as quite a legitimate explanation. Pretty sure they'd go with that. Next, I offered my explanation ... 

"The moon is always there, but when we can see the sun, the sky is too bright for us to see the moon. Sometimes clouds are in the way. Sometimes it isn't in our line of sight. But it is always there."

I had no idea how accurate I was. She seemed to be happy with the response, but I needed to check out the facts when we got home. I didn't want to be feeding her complete rubbish!

When I asked a few fellow parents what their responses may have been, some had been asked this very question already, whilst others were not sure what they would say to explain this complex theory to a pre-schooler!

Erin, who writes over at I Am Mummy Bear has tackled the question before with an answer that satisfied her little one nicely:

"We said that the moon  sometimes likes to meet with his best friend the sun".

Another (unnamed) friend says that she tried to get extra scientific when she was presented with the question:

"... I started mumbling something about the planets lining up and the Earth turning ... then I confused myself and it all got a bit messy! I think I ended it by promising that his dad would answer the question for him when he gets in from work!"

So now I move on to the real answer. I have sourced the information for this answer from Universe Today:

"Everyone knows in general how things seem to work for day and night. During the Day the Sun is the brightest thing there is. We also know that Moon is the brightest object in the sky at night, but wait a minute. Why can we see the Moon during the day as well? The reason is due to two big factors are the moon’s brightness and its orbit around the Earth. These two things make it possible for the moon to still be seen during the day. Otherwise the belief of the Sun by day and Moon by night would still hold".

"The moon is highly reflective and close to the Earth so it is very visible both day and night. Its orbit increases its visibility because the Moon gets close to the sun towards the beginning of the lunar cycle as travels around the sky. So it increases visibility during the day".

So, there we have it. Week 1 of our new linky, "Tell me, Mummy". We would love for you to join in and share the big, difficult, embarrassing questions that your little ones have asked you. Did you offer an answer? We're you left speechless? Did your quest for a response lead you to some amazing resources that you'd like to share with others? Whatever it is, if it relates to one of the millions of questions our children ask us, it has a place here! Just enter yourself on the linky and grab the badge code below to add to the bottom of your post!

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I can't wait to read your offerings!
See you next Friday.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

When good English goes BAD!

OK, so I received a decent education. I didn't attend a fee paying school, I wasn't sent away to boarding school, I didn't have personal tutors visiting my home. I attended an all girls' school, not too far from where I lived and had parents who liked me and my brothers to speak properly. Most of my friends from primary school attended the same school as me. 

So, English was one of my favourite subjects, right from Year 7, I loved my English lessons, and after passing the subject in GCSE, went on to study both English Language and English Literature at A'Level and then at University. So I consider myself, not an expert, but pretty capable of stringing a legible sentence together when I am writing. I like to read articles, posts, blogs that are written well, but I certainly do not, in any way, consider myself to be a word snob. I will not judge someone for spelling mistakes or stop reading blogs because of grammar blunders. I make plenty of my own! However, there are certain things I don't like to see and I am pretty sure many of you will be with me on this one. Either that, or I am going to come across as a judgemental, shameless smart-ass right now and will only know when my reader count drops considerably over the next 24 hours!

Many of us have been there. Scrolling Facebook, scanning forums, even reading some blogs. Everyone abbreviates, we all use acronyms, it can make things much easier and quicker, especially as everyone knows what you mean. However, there are certain word crimes and grammar errors that are just that. A great deal of the time, they are just pure laziness rather than honest mistakes.

My reason for writing this post today, other than this being something that I feel strongly about, is earlier this evening, The Man came over to me whilst I was at the critical stages of building a Mega Bloks 'palace' with Munch and Beastie Boo. He had been laughing ... a lot. He handed me his phone and simply said ...

"You HAVE to watch this. It's like it was written for you!"

So I'll not say another thing, other than take your its and your it's, place it together with your theres and theirs and put an extra apostrophe where it doesn't belong, just because your chosen word ends with an 's'! Muddle your with you're and even add the odd ur for good measure. Whilst you're at it, type every word you can using text speak or whatever they're calling it. I've decided I no longer care, because Weird Al Yankovic has said it all. He's taken everything that is wrong with today's written word and put it all right here.

Now I know I'm not alone!

Now that you've watched it ... please say you've watched it ... Tell me ...

R u stl wiv mi?!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Beautiful Bedrooms with Lulu and Nat! *Review*

Have you ever come across the lovely Lulu and Nat before?

A few months ago, I discovered them for the first time (and blogged about it!) when I was searching around for inspiration and ideas for bedroom themes for when we move. I fell in love with their vibrant designs and creative use of colour and patterns. The collections that are offered enable you to match and co-ordinate until you create the perfect look for your chosen room.

In case you missed it before, allow me to give a little background information behind this lovely brand:

Lulu Watts is a children's fashion designer based in London and has developed key collections for Liberty, The Little White Company & Aquascutum.

"Lulu & Nat was founded in 2007 with a dream to create playful, bold designs for kids to live in colour & dream in colour."

"The designs are modern, vibrant & playful, and celebrate the creative power of children. Whilst these design values ensure Lulu & Nat carry a unique aesthetic story, equal importance is placed on the quality of the products offered."

Lulu & Nat aim to make shopping for the home an easy & joyful experience for the whole family, whilst we are safe in the knowledge that the products are made to last and will bring a colourful contemporary feel to any room. Just take a look at their collections and you will see for yourself. Their patterns are wonderful.

Lulu And Nat's main focus is on special products for babies' & kids' bedrooms, however, they do have a range that caters to adults, so us mums who love their designs can find colourful & vibrant Lulu & Nat products for other parts of the home. WIN!! The design creations are carefully co-ordinated across the ranges to provide whole looks that are contemporary & fresh. In other words, whilst looking for bits to brighten up the kids' bedrooms, I could very easily and therefore accidentally, end up accessorising  the whole home! 

Oh well ... there are definitely worse things that could happen!

In our previous post, I sat down with Munch, and we picked out designs for each bedroom, and she had a go at co-ordinating patterns to achieve some beautiful results!

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have been sent one of their gorgeous products to try out for ourselves. 

Sorry Munch, this time it's your baby brother's turn to take the reviewer baton from you, as I don't think this item really fits in to your chosen colour scheme ...!

Here we have the Boats toddler cot bed duvet set, which is part of their Baby Bedding range. This is one of their new prints and really is beautiful. As you can see here, the print has a distinctively unique appearance, as it has been hand block printed. I really do love this feature. It makes it feel that little bit more special and personalised! 

In the Pack:

1x Duvet Cover
1x Pillow Case

Baby Plum, this one is for you. 100% cotton, but not your usual 'just out of the packet' scratchy cotton. I was pleasently surprised when I opened the packet at how soft the material was to touch. I am used to opening new duvet sets and feeling compelled to throw it in the washing machine before using triple measures of fabric softener to have the slightest chance of filling it with a duvet and pillow! Not this time though. It almost felt ready to lay on the cot! However, I did wash it first. Apart from anything else, I wanted to see how well this lovely hand block printing survived a domestic wash!

I generally wash at a 30° temperature, and this occasion was no exception. The rear of the packet states that the duvet set is perfectly suitable for machine washing in a 30° wash. And, so far, I have found this to be completely accurate.

Look here! Our colours haven't run, they haven't faded, in fact, after the 3 washes the set has now had, the colours have not altered one bit! This is important in any situation, but especially if you have a number of items that are the same design to match. The last thing you want is for pillows, duvets, cushions and bunting to start varying in colour after a few weeks! 

Other washing instructions include: 

Warm iron 
Do not bleach 
Warm tumble dry 
Do not dry clean 

The duvet cover measures 120cmx150cm (around 47"x59") and the pillowcase measures 35cmx57cm (around 14"x22") 

There is no duvet in the packet, just the duvet cover, but Baby Plum is only 6 months old, and we are in the warmer months, so he has been very comfortable laying on top of the duvet cover for now. It sure does brighten up the cot!

A definite 5 Stars!!

I would definitely give Lulu and Nat top marks for quality. At first look, yes, their prices seem high end, and yes, you can go into a high street shop or online and purchase a duvet set for half the price, but, referring to the ago-old saying, "you get what you pay for". This is so true here. The covers feel more expensive, they wash like they're more expensive, and I like to think they're sending Baby Plum off into sweet dreams of boats on the sea each night, so for that alone, they're worth their weight in pure gold! 

Rest assured, wherever you see this label ...

... you know you can expect true quality, comfort and creativity in a product made with care and attention to detail, especially for you and your home. 

Thank you Lulu and Nat!

This review is linked with:

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We were sent the Boats Cot Set free of charge for the purpose of this review. No other payment has been made and all words, thoughts and opinions are 100% our own and have not been influenced in any way.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Just another hospital visit ...

Saturday, 31st May, 2014.
The day started out like any other.

The Man was on his weekend off, so I woke him at around 9am. He got up and after getting himself sorted, he joined me and the little ones in the lounge. They were as lively as ever!

I didn't feel right. I felt very weak, very sick and had horrible niggly tummy cramps. I put it down to fatigue and possibly a touch of trapped wind! Mummies don't get ill, remember!!

The day progressed, and I couldn't even bring myself to get dressed! Even when my mum and dad called to say they were local and were popping in for a cuppa. I greeted them at the door in my PJs, having pre-warned them about my yucky state! They didn't stay long as they could see I wasn't well. Just long enough for a chat and cuddles with the kids.

Lunchtime, dinnertime, bath time, bedtime.
They all came and went and, through the niggling pain that was slowly getting more intense, I got things done. Thanks to The Man! I couldn't have managed the day without his help ... a statement I found myself making for quite a few days to come!

8pm, kids are in bed, and The Man is becoming quite concerned. I'm not good for admitting how bad a pain is unless I have to. Bad pain lead to being checked out and I don't like going to be checked out! It was only after some pestering from The Man and after finally admitting to my best friend the pain that I was in, that I decided maybe I should seek some advice.

I eventually gave in and called 111. They talked me through my symptoms and carried out their assessment on the phone. Then they said it. The one thing I didn't want to hear. The one reason I didn't call them in the first place ...

"We're sending an ambulance out to you. I'm paging one right away whilst you're on the line ...!"

But I only called for advice!

Whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive, I took some pain relief, as recommended on the phone by the clinician. The pain eased! For the first time in hours, I was kind of comfortable. Well, I wasn't writhing in pain, and that was a start!

By the time the paramedics arrived, the pain was still there, but very dull. They checked me over and told me they should really take me with them as there was little they could do for abdominal pain on scene. They also said they couldn't force me to go.

All I could think of was Munch. She has enough of a negative feeling towards hospitals as it is. For her to wake up the next morning and find I was gone and had been taken there would upset her too much. I decided the pain was bearable and that I would take myself to the local Minor Injuries Unit the following morning if the pain was still there. At least I could keep things as normal as possible for the kids.

10.40pm. The Paramedics left.
I fell asleep on the sofa with a hot water bottle.
The Man stayed up to keep an eye on me and so he could see to the kids if they wake.

2 hours later, and everything changes. One minute, all is calm and The Man is finally starting to relax, thinking that all the drama is over for the night, the next, I am awake, unable to move yet writhing around, unable to lay, sit, stand, crying at The Man, begging him to tell me what to do!

He called 999.
They promised to get a clinician to call us back, but to call again if my condition deteriorates.

10 minutes later, he calls 999 again as he becomes increasingly concerned that soon, he would be forced to wake the kids, bundle them in the car and take me to A&E himself. Once again, we were promised contact asap. 25 minutes later, I call 999 myself. By this time, I could barely speak through the pain. The Man had to take over the phone conversation halfway through.

Still no ambulance!
There I was, feeling incredibly guilty that I was putting The Man through this as I should have just gone with the Paramedics earlier in the evening.

By 2am, we were left with no alternative. I knew she wouldn't thank us for calling in the small hours, but I know she would have told me off if she knew we hadn't called and struggled.

The Man had to call my mum!
She came round straight away to either stay with the kids or take me to A&E.

We went with the latter. The Man should be the one at home in the morning to explain the situation to Munchkin. 

After a short wait in A&E (not bad for a Saturday night / Sunday morning!), I was seen and taken straight through to the ward. Morphine was administered, but it didn't work. Bloods were taken, obs were recorded, more bloods were taken, then I was admitted. Dad came to take over from mum and he stayed with me whilst they moved me to a ward, examined me a number of times and told me I was booked in for surgery.

They still weren't sure what was wrong, but were going to perform keyhole surgery to detect the problem and deal with it like that.

This was all happening so fast! There I was, dismissing it as trapped wind!!

A few hours later, and I am waking up from the general anaesthetic, very sore and very sick. I turn my head to see my consultant/surgeon sitting next to my bed, waiting for me to wake. He brought me round, allowed me to drink, then vomit, and then compose myself! He explained that the keyhole surgery was successful but insufficient. On entry, the camera had detected that I had contracted appendicitis, but that the appendix had burst, so full surgery was necessary and a full incision was made to enable them to remove everything they needed to. He said he believed the rupture had occurred a few hours before I was admitted, and when I went through the events of the previous evening with him, he concluded that the appendix probably burst whilst I was sleeping on the sofa and if I had left it until the following day to be seen, I may not have been here to write this post today.

Once again, there I was thinking it was trapped wind!

So I had to stay in hospital for a few days to recover. I was devastated. I just wanted to go home to my babies. I hadn't been prepared for this, and nor had they. It just wasn't fair! I couldn't even get a good enough signal on my phone to keep in touch! 

I was sore, unable to get in and out of bed without help and spent a great deal of time hooked up to an IV drip which was filling me with 6 hour long courses of antibiotics. I was covered in cannula needles, or bruises where others had been removed and had one of those horrible drains coming from my tummy. I thought I'd seen the last of them after having Plum!

However, there were some positives to my stay in hospital. Once I was moved to the ward, not everything was doom and gloom. I was on a small section of a ward, occupied by 3 other beds. Each of those beds was occupied by an amazing lady that I would eventually leave hospital knowing as a friend! The first that spoke to me was K. A beautiful, kind hearted lady who had been there for almost 2 weeks for an ongoing condition. We talked about friends, physiotherapists (K will know ...!) and sock monkeys. She opened my mind to a world of up-cycling and talked about her wonderful crafts. She made me smile for the first time in around 24 hours and made me realise that my time spent in hospital wasn't necessarily going to be so bad after all!

Next to speak to me was V. A wonderful lady and amazing mother to a lovely family. We talked about our families, our past, our present and our future. We spoke about our views on hundreds of topics and she took my mind away from the pain. Her daily calls to her children made me smile. She had been in hospital for 2 weeks, and they were clearly feeling the loss! 

Then there was S. An older lady who had been admitted following complications arising from an earlier operation. One of the sweetest ladies I have ever met, and with a wicked sense of humour! But wow, did my heart break for her to see the pain she was in!

These three ladies made everything better! We laughed, we cried, we chatted, we complained, we shared, we listened, we joked and we generally held each other up when we needed to. When I remember my time in hospital, these are the ladies I will think about. After that few days we spent together, we know a lot about each other! Possibly more than we should!

I am still in touch with these incredible ladies, and I'm so happy that I am. Without them, my stay in hospital would have been such a struggle! I missed my babies so so much, and they let me miss them. They let me talk about them and I knew it was ok to feel sad.

So there it is. My unexpected hospital visit!
I am still recovering, and still limited in what I can physically do, but I'm getting there now. I'm just happy to be here, happy to be back with my babies, but also happy that life sent me in a direction that allowed me to cross paths with three beautiful women whom I can now call friends!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

So, last week I went to my big school ...

So last week I went to my big school,
Mummy, Fudgy and me.
They said there'd be lots of exciting things,
For me to do and to see.

They said there'd be other children,
Children I would soon call friends!
Children that I will see every day,
When my time at my nursery ends.

They said I would meet a new teacher,
The one that will help me to learn.
The thought of all these new people,
Is causing my tummy to turn!

I'm happy at my nursery,
Everyone there knows my name!
I'm happy with all of my teachers there,
Why can't things just stay the same?

So getting ready for big school,
I picked out a pretty white dress.
I knew there'd be activities and things to do,
And I'd probably get in a mess.

But mummy let me wear what I wanted,
She knew that would make me smile.
I'm happier about my visit to big school,
Maybe I'll go for a while!

I skipped some of the way to big school,
Happy the sun was so bright!
Then as we got closer to the big red gates,
I grabbed mummy's hand and held tight.

Children were there with their mummies,
As I still held my mummy tight!
Then I felt a little tap on my shoulder,
And suddenly things felt alright ...

... C goes to my nursery,
We play together a lot!
Will she be in my class at big school then?
Some more of the fear is forgot!

Another friend from my nursery,
Two, and another one three!
I don't know what I've been frightened of,
They're coming to big school with me!

My new school looks really exciting,
Mrs O, my new teacher, seems great.
The classroom is full of fun things to do,
And at lunchtime, I nearly cleared my plate!

I know I will miss my old nursery,
And miss the teachers I adore.
But I suppose it's now time for me to move on,
To big school where I will learn more.

I know that mummy will cry,
Mascara will run down her face!
But I will start big school with a beaming smile,
'Cos I think I'm gonna like this new place!

HOOKED on Music with MOSI


Munchkin loves Science. She is forever asking questions and sitting down with her daddy as he turns the pages of an encyclopaedia (yes, a REAL book!!) with her, explaining complicated theories to her in a language that a 4 year old may understand. 

She also adores music. Always singing along to familiar tunes, with an uncanny ability to pick up and memorise lyrics quickly. She loves to compose her own songs, always singing them to Beastie (who normally just ends up singing over her!)

Therefore, I was really interested when I heard about this yesterday. and it's definitely something Munch and I will be taking a look at!

DJ Dave Haslam pictured with Dr Marieke Navin from MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) launching #HookedOnMusic; a new online game aimed at collecting data to  explore the science behind what makes a musical hook. Scientists behind the game also hope the results will aid future research into Alzheimer’s disease.

The Museum of Science & Industry have launched a new online game, #HookedOnMusic, developed to explore the science behind what makes a musical hook.

Do you know your Beyonce from your Bay City Rollers? This brand new and interactive fun game for all has four ways to play - including asking users to select the tune they find the catchiest, to singing along and trying to stay in time. This addictive game gives users the chance to improve on their scores, and share results with their friends on social media networks. It can be played on the go or at home – with friends or on your own. 

Created by computational musicologist Dr John Ashley Burgoyne and his team at the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht, with the support of citizen science expert and Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, Erinma Ochu, these scientists hope that the results from #HookedOnMusic will aid future research into Alzheimer's disease. This game aims to help scientists predict the catchiest musical fragments and devise ways to trigger memories and provide therapeutic benefits.

Launched at last year’s Manchester Science Festival at the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) the 2013 citizen science programme - #HookedOnMusic - got the world talking music. The aim was to identify and nominate the catchiest tune – the hook that makes a tune catchy. Celebrities and the general public alike nominated tunes – all in the name of science. The nominated tunes are now part of this brand new and unique #HookedonMusic live online game.

DJ/journalist Dave Haslam was at the launch: 

“It’s great to be involved with such an innovative project. Everyone knows when they’ve heard something catchy or which resonate with them in some way, and stays with them, but to try and uncover the science behind this is pretty exciting. And if the results from thousands of people playing the game lead to the scientists discovering how music can help people with serious memory loss then that would be fantastic.”

The Museum is keen for as many people as possible to play the game. It’s simple and entertaining. Players listen to music clips and try to recognise them as fast as they can. It’s a completely musical game, and so players don’t need to know music trivia like titles and artists – if you’ve heard it before, you can play. Other elements of the game involve doing a comparison between two clips of a tune and judging which one is the catchier. The game 
can be played as many times as the player wants. The more participants the better the results will be - and the more scientists will be able to learn about musical memory.

Dr Burgoyne comments: 

“Catchy music is about so much more than summer hits. It’s really about what kinds of music we remember – and what kinds we don’t! With #HookedOnMusic, we’re trying to measure how much faster a ‘hook’ can come back to you compared to the rest of a song and what there is in the music that can explain the difference.” 

Dr Marieke Navin, Director of Manchester Science Festival at the Museum of Science & Industry said, 

“We are delighted that the Museum is launching an experiment of this kind and is part of a major research project that is both about public engagement and scientific discovery. It is fantastic that something as universally enjoyable and appealing as a game on music can also be at the cutting edge of science.”

Munch will enjoy the fun aspect of this, but I think, as a family, we could really make a difference if we participated!

#HookedOnMusic can be played by logging online to www.hookedonmusic.org.uk

Please follow them on twitter too at @McrScifest or @voiceofmosi #HookedOnMusic

Disclaimer: No payment whatsoever has been received for publishing this content. I am interested in the topic.

In The Night Garden Live 2014 *Review*

"Up Daisy, Piggle Piggle, Makka Makka, FRIENDS!"

This is what we keep hearing, several times a day, from Beastie Boo ever since we took her to see In The Night Garden Live at London's O2 last month. 

Beastie is a huge In The Night Garden fan. A superfan! A megafan!! Watching the show on CBeebies Bedtime Hour is an absolute essential part of the bedtime routine, and if for any reason we miss it, a back-up recording will be employed immediately! Upsy Daisy is her favourite character, however, she wouldn't be complete without her friends around her!

Beastie didn't really understand what was going on or where we were going as we made our way in the car to the O2 in London. Munch came too, but she knew exactly what was going on! She had been before. Twice! Once on her 2nd birthday in 2011 and again in 2012. This year, however, was all about Beastie Boo! 

A little bit of a frantic start to the day and some unexpected travel sickness from Beastie (very unusual for her!) meant a clothes change on our arrival. Personally, I think she did it just so she could get an Upsy Daisy t-shirt from the Gift Shop! As we walked through the Show Dome towards the auditorium, the instantly recognisable In The Night Garden theme music could be heard, echoing through the tunnels. Beastie's excitement spiked straight away. She started calling for Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle, straining to see round corners before we had even reached them. We took to our seats just as the show was beginning, and from that moment on, Beastie rarely took her eyes away from the stage! She joined in with the screams and cheers as Iggle Piggle appeared on the stage, and sang along to his much loved song!

She was engrossed!
Completely blown away!
At points, the excitement was almost too much, and she tensed up so much, she was shaking!

This was pure magic for her!

In The Night Garden Live, which is still touring until mid-September, 2014, has been visiting locations around the UK and setting up its special, purpose built Show Dome ready for children to come and share the magic that it offers in the perfectly constructed performance. We attended The Ninky Nonk show, but The Pinky Ponk show is also available, the two performances alternating throughout the day. Each production lasts a little short of an hour, which I feel is the perfect length for the age of children that it is aimed at.

One of the best things about the show, is that it is set out exactly like an episode that the children would be familiar with on the television. Each programme follows the same format: Introduce each character, tell the story, recap the story, say goodnight. The stage performance followed the exact same format, bringing instant familiarity to the young audience!

In this story, Iggle Piggle loses his much loved red blanket.

Children are invited to join him and his friends in their search for Iggle Piggle's blanket. Enthusiastic cries fill the Show Dome as children of varying ages call to their favourite characters as they interact with their audience. Familiar sounds and music can be heard throughout and well known images are projected onto the ceiling and the walls of the Dome's interior, constantly stimulating the senses and capturing the attention of every child watching! As for the characters, they are as true to life as you would see them on the television. With Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka as actors in suits, and the Tombliboos and Pontipines being puppets, cleverly manipulated by wonderful puppeteers who remain in character themselves the whole time too, Makka Pakka also appears as a puppet when on the stage with Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy to remain true to the proportions and sizes of the characters.

The auditorium itself is very well thought out too. Children of this age are not always that good at sitting still. This is especially true for Beastie! She is constantly on the go! Well, movement is very much encouraged at In The Night Garden Live. They want children to be out of their seats, clapping, singing, dancing and being generally excited. And therefore, the seating is arranged to enable such activity. There are no individual chairs. Just tiered steps all the way along, allowing spectators to sit wherever they like and giving plenty of space for little ones to move around. 

The performance itself it absolutely wonderful, and as I mentioned before, this is the third time we have been and each time, the quality of acting has been just as enthusiastic as the time before. It feels as thought they love the job they are doing, and this shines through the performances! The use of music, dialogue, lighting, image projection and sound effects grab the most active imaginations and seem to hold the attention of the most easily distracted.

We would recommend In The Night Garden Live, again and again, to anyone who has age appropriate children. If you have a child who loves to watch the antics of Iggle Piggle and his friends on the television, then you have a child who would totally adore this show!

In addition to the show itself, visitors can enhance the whole experience for their little ones by booking one of these ...

... a private Meet & Greet with either Upsy Daisy or Iggle Piggle! Each Meet & Greet comes with a photograph in a special story wallet to keep forever! Beastie hugged and danced with Upsy Daisy, and this truly did make many dreams come true for her!

Finally, I would also like to add some comments about the day from a parent or carer's point of view. The staff, from the person greeting you as you approach to the person thanking you as you leave, are all friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. They are there, ready to answer your questions and concerns and are happy to run around for you if you need them to! They really are a lovely bunch of people who again, clearly enjoy the job they are doing, which creates a very happy atmosphere. 

Also, the bathrooms and baby changing areas are perfectly equipped. With essentials for nappy changing provided if required. There were smaller sized facilities for the children and steps to allow them to reach the sinks and toilets easily. The sink taps were also restricted with ties to prevent them from being turned up full, left running or being turned to hot. I thought this was a very thoughtful idea!

Thanks again to everyone involved in making our third visit to In The Night Garden Live just as magical as our previous experiences!

Ticket information for the remaining performances can be found at http://www.nightgardenlive.com/

You can also keep up to date with all of the latest news, announcements, competitions and offers by following In The Night Garden Live on Facebook and Twitter.

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